Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Gyaru-sa meet up

My entry is very late, the meet up was two weeks ago ^^°
Since a few weeks I'm part of a new founded circle called GG-Glitter. I thought it could be nice to meet some people with same interests and so on even I don't call myself gyaru. I don't have the skills to be gyaru but I really love the fashion and culture ^O^

I had to work on Saturday so Lau picked me up after and we went together to the japanese restaurant called Makoto.
It was crowded and the waiters busy like hell but always friendly and the meals were like at real Japan.

I had one of the best Yakisoba ever so I really can recommend the Makoto to everyone who loves japanese food or visit Berlin.

We were around 12 people and a colourful group but when A-chan arrived with an issue of men's spider I was occupied with that magazine 'cause it was the issue with Kyan Yutaka.

After leaving the restaurant we went to Neo Tokyo. But I wasn't lucky that day, last men's spider was bought by Tine Q__Q and egg were bought by others...
Really bad day! But I told Kaoru-chan to buy the latest egg when she will come to Germany in December ^^

Last two pictures were taken from A-chans facebook. After that small photo session Fuyu and Thanan left and the rest of us went to Crepestation.
It is a small café where they made crepes in japanese style. Also they have matcha latte. I really love that café and I'm happy, that we have something like that in Berlin.
So I ate a kiwi-strawberry crepe but I forgot to take a pic.

My coord that day: Ma*rs, tights Primark, shoes off brand. And I recognized that I have to cut my bang [did it on Friday] and have to dye my hairlines >.<° so I look messy on the pics *sigh*...
But the day was nice and I'm looking forward to the next meet.

This Friday I wanted to go to another K-Pop party in Berlin. I was soooo happy about that event and I prepared coord and extensions and finally I got ill and felt like shit so I wasn't able to join. WHY THAT FRIDAY! DAMN!
I'm really sad and pissed about it. Fucking cold!
I really really hope that there will be another party here even I heard the next one will be in Hamburg.

And recent news: I got mail from Golden Bomber Dance Olympic Campaign where I won the concert visit. They wrote that the next tour of the cuties will be in... MARCH!

I was like:

Remember? My next jouney to Japan is planned for 29th March... so it seems that I will go to Japan in March twice....Can't believe it!

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  1. di siehst nicht gammelig aus!!! ich mag dein Outfit und Ansätze.... wer hat die nicht ^^°

    Das gif von shou und kenji is so süß XD Shouuuuuu <3 <3 <3