Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Last weeks in pictures

Hey dears, it's November and I realized that I missed a lot of things to post in the past but I didn't want to interrupt my report about my Japan journey.
So I decided to make a short shot in pictures about my last weeks and next time I will continue blogging with normal posts.

In August our circle GG-Glitter had the jubilee meet-up. I really enjoyed it and I have to say that I love all the girls so much! It's always funny and they're all just georgeous.

picture taken from A-chan
aren't we real beauties? waiting for G_S xD
We did purikura, of course, went to a picnic with selfmade things and we ended up, like always, with drinking in a bar.

f.l.t.r.: Senja, Thanan, myself, Alice
Goof, Hani, Tama, Lau

Fuyu and I
Because our cute Fuyu wasn't able to join the meet she went one weekend later to Berlin and met some of our girls. I had to work but after I went to restaurant with her, Lau and Thanan. It was a nice day.

In September I went to the Connichi in Kassel. Unfortunately I had to work on Friday so I just went for two days to Kassel.
It was my first time not wearing a cosplay but also the first time wearing my Ma*rs dress. I think it doesn't suit me well...I look sooo thin in it >.< 
Maybe I will sell it *sigh*...
Btw, I got my extensions out, dyed my hair gold brown and also my good old clip ins with the aid of Lau.

And I met one of my best friends Michi. I missed her a lot, it was the first time since April to see her. We took the chance and made new plans for our next trip to Japan.

my lovely Lau and me

On the 3rd October I had free and Michi visited me for a longer weekend. First day she visited with me the Sea Life Center in Berlin 'cause she knows that I LOVE fishes <3

But after I was very disappointed: There weren't rays to pet Q___Q But next time when I will be in Tokyo I will do this!

sexy like hell with derp face xD

On weekend we wanted to visit the MMC, a manga and anime convention in Berlin and really, I wore a cosplay but just the old Kyan Yutaka Memeshikute outfit.
We had the idea to make purikura and I really loved it:

It was the first time that I really had fun with doing purikura. That was the best idea we ever had and it was sooo good to have my best friends around me again.

The convention itself wasn't that interesting. I guess it will be enough for me to visit the book fair in Leipzig and the Connichi in future.

Also we had another circle meet up. I guess we are the most active circle in Germany atm but I'm happy and I can't await the next meet.
We went to Leipzig to visit Goof and we met a new potential member: Amber from England.

Hani was so kind and made a phone case for me. I always wanted to have a Gachapin phone case and I was sad that they are only available for iPhone.
Thank you so much, Hani!

f.l.t.r.: Tine, Amber, Hani, myself
Lau, Fuyu, Thanan
It was a funny day even I missed Senja and Mao. We had big Schnitzel at a restaurant, went shopping and, of course, ended up in a bar.

Amber and I

So...that's it. So for now I'll try to survive until after Christmas and counting my days until my next journey to Japan.