Sonntag, 2. September 2012

7th day ~ Like a tourist tour

Friday, 17.08.

For me this day felt like the hottest day ever but we wanted to visit Nagoya castle. Michi was really looking forward to this day.

Simple outfit: shirt from New Yorker, skirt from H&M, socks from Tutuanna, shoes off brand.

Nagoya-jo was built in the beginning of the Edo Period. It looks really impressive and I like such old castles.

Inside the castle it was more an exhibition but very nice. And it was air-conditioned ^^ so we made the circuit very slowly.

view over Nagoya from top of the castle
Lau and I with my Kyan Yutaka posing XD
After a short rest we decided to visit the Oasis 21, a modern facility nearby Nagoya TV Tower. It contains stores and restaurants and we wanted to have a look there.

There was a Shonen Jump Shop, a paradise for fans of Anime and Manga stuff. Lau bought some things there for our friend Sato.

Also there was a Pokémon Center. But it was very crowd, maybe Pikachus charge XD
I can't believe that the kids are still in Pokémon. The little monsters will never die I guess.

Then we climbed the top of the glass roof where was filled with water for an interesting visual effect and to cool down the temperatures in summer [THAT hadn't worked! XD]

view at the top to TV Tower
We had to cool down on another way, Lau with Kakikoori, Michi with an iced chocolate drink and I had a vanilla iced thing from Starbucks.
After the sunset we left and went back to hotel.

Next day we wanted to visit Osaka for shopping (^O^) and the day after we left Nagoya for Tokyo. I was so excited to see my friend but...that will be the next posts.

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