Samstag, 22. September 2012

13th day ~ Ikebukuro

Thursday, 23.08.

On Thursday Kaoru-chan and we wanted to meet again for shopping in Ikebukuro.
We met at the station and went together with her best friend Eiko-chan to Parco Ikebukuro where a lot of interesting shops were inside.
Also a Ma*rs shop which was closed in Shibuya 1o9 so I had the chance to get some clothes there.

We took a look at the shops but finally we were too hungry to make decisions that we first went upstairs to have lunch and chat a little bit.

I had something with rice and shrimps but I forgot the name of the meal, I'm sorry. But it was very tasty and the restaurant had a nice athmosphere.

After lunch we were prepared for shopping. So first Eiko-chan found a nice skirt and after that we stormed the Ma*rs shop where I bought some things.

I got that complete coord in black. I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to make a picture and it looks better on the model than on me ^^°

Aaaand that fucking cute bag is also mine now. I wanted to have a Ma*rs bag soooo bad. And I was surprised that also Kaoru-chan found a shirt in that store but I guess I infected her with that Ma*rs stuff 'cause in her latest mail she send to me some one pieces and asked me, which one would suit her.
Sooo cute X3

After successful shopping we went to a game center for taking purikura. I was confused 'cause it was crowd and loud there and my Japanese girls wanted a special machine x__X
So we had to wait a little bit but it was okay.

It was hard with so many people to take purikura but funny.
Then we strolled through Sunshine Ikebukuro and Michi found some clothes, too.
After Eiko-chan left and us four went to drink ice coffee in a fast food restaurant for talking and smoking.

Later on we visited a Donki shop...and lost Michi x___X but at the end we got her back XD
Kaoru-chan had a meeting so she said goodbye to us and we went back to Sunshine Ikebukuro where I bought another Tamiya-shirt what I wanted to wear at the festival when Golden Bomber appear.

But in the end...I can't ....
Finally I was glad to have a second Tamiya shirt ^O^

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