Montag, 16. April 2012

Weekend and hanami

Last Wednesday I had birthday but that day was really frustrating 'cause I had to work 11 hours that day and my family wasn't here to celebrate my birthday with me *sigh*.
My dad was in holidays and my mother is living far away from Berlin since last December.

But I love my friends. Michi sent me a cute birthday-surprise packet. I was so happy. She knows about my passion for Golden Bomber and my weakness for cute Kyan Yutaka so my birthday card was with a picture from Kyan-san (^O^).
Also she made a collage with my favorite pictures from him and wrote a short story about me and him.
Then she sent me hairpins because she always uses my and then they are cast away in nowhere XD
She wrote a cute letter and I got self made sweets with matcha and white chocolate and my favorite cookies Oreo.

At Saturday I got from my friend Lau another really really cute birthday present: a pink shirt with a 'Stitch' on it.
I wanted a Stitch-Shirt sooo bad 'cause Kiryuuin Shou, another member of Golden Bomber, is called Stitch.
She also brought a bubble tea with one of my favorite flavor matcha.
Thank you so much.

In the afternoon Lau and I went to Prenzlauer Berg because Lau heard about a little restaurant where you can get Japanese crepes. They looked very delicious and so we had to try out some.
Lau had a sweet one with kiwi and I one with ham and eggs.

I liked my outfit that day even it wasn't very special but I wore my new shoes, my lacered socks I bought in Japan last year and my beloved nerdy glasses.

On Sunday we decided to go to a small hanami festival at 'Gärten der Welt' [gardens of the world] near my borough. The weather wasn't that nice, it was grey, cloudy and cold. But I love the garden, it's beautiful.
They have different styles like Chinese, Japanese, Oriental, Balinese and lot of others.

Last year we went to that festival as cosplayers but this year we only dressed up in plainclothes.

cute Lau with spring flowers

beautiful cherry blossoms

Japanese garden

Oriental garden

We ate some deep-fried vegetables, it was very tasty. There were little stalls everywhere with asian food and also some other stuff.

It was a really nice day. Next weekend I will have free, too and I'm looking forward to it.

See you and take care!


  1. aaaah~ ist dir schon mal aufgefallen, dass im Hintergrund im Orientalischen Garten sowas wie'n Kschen Itschischotschie Movie (nicht wirklich) steht XXDDD

  2. wow! also japanische crepes könnten wir hier auch noch gebrauchen^^
    I tagged you^^