Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Short weekend review

That was another free weekend for me and I was so lucky but when I woke up in the morning and I took a look out of the window I felt a little bit depressed 'cause it was grey and rainy.
Where the hell is the spring? I'm missing the warm sunlight and the flowers. Everything is still colorless at the moment.

But my depression about that weather was flowing away quickly. I was excited 'cause that day I wanted to meet up Aya, my japanese mail friend, for first time.
She is studying German and English here in Berlin. Beforehand I had thousands of thoughts, how to say 'hello', what should I say to her, how will it be but as we met in the early afternoon she was sooo kind and so cute and gave me a hug and the ice was finally broken (^O^).

Aya wanted to buy some toys for her niece and her nephew so we went first to SPIELE MAX, a big toy store near my home.

There were such cute things that we wanted to be children at this moment. Aya was happy I guess, she found some stuff for the kids.

I took that cute Hello Kitty key chain with me, I had to. It was too cute.

After that we decided to go to good old shopping center Ring Center. I had to look for a silver belt for next weekend's cosplay but at the beginning we took a seat at Café Fellow's.
Aya had strawberry and vanilla icecream with latte macchiato and I had an apple cake with my beloved chai latte.

It was really cool. We chatted about Germany, about Japan, about daily things and I was happy 'cause Aya is such a nice person. We talked in English and a little bit in German 'cause my bad Japanese is better than the good >.<
But we understood each other and loughed a lot.
After that longer break we had a walk through the shops like H&M, Tally Weijl and ~hell yeah~ I found a belt at New Yorker with Aya's help.

Cute Aya and me.
It was a nice day at all and I hope to see her soon again.

Next weekend I'll be at Book Fair in Leipzig. I guess I'll make an entry about that event.
So take care and don't do anything stupid ^^

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