Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Book Fair ~ Sunday

This is just a last and short entry about our last day in Leipzig. Our day started again with a relaxed breakfast buffet.
Back in our room we had to dress up as hottest Visual Kei band ever, Golden Bomber. Beside we were watching the weekly kids program on RTL 2, Dragon Ball and really really bad dubbed Naruto.
Michi's make up for Kenji took about an hour but the result was so gorgeous, I wanted to cry when our whole group was together.

I was so happy and very impressed that a lot of people recognized us. I thought, Golden Bomber is unknown here in Germany but I was mistaken.

Lau as Kiryuuin Shou

Kirschu as Utahiroba Jun

Michi as Darvish Kenji

me as Kyan Yutaka

It was such a nice day and I had a lt of fun with my beloved friends. Before Kirschu left we tried out to record the 'Memeshikute'-dance but we failed x___X

So we decided to meet up at the next convention and will start the next attempt. But we have to practice until we start again (^O^)

Thanks to my friends for that wonderful weekend I had. The next entry won't be about cosplay and such things so stay tuned and take care!

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