Montag, 19. März 2012

A relaxed Friday in Leipzig

On Friday morning I woke up at 7 o'clock but not for going to work. That weekend I wanted to go to the book fair in Leipzig with my friends and I met Lau and Michi at the main station for catching the ICE to Leipzig.
The day was beautiful, blue heaven, warm sunlight and I smelled spring in the air.
After arrival we threw our baggage at the hotel and decided to go to the city centre.

We had a big mirror in our room so I made a photo of my very unspectacular outfit that day but I liked it:
I wore a checked shirt and very very old jeans hotpants from Tally Weijl, grey overknees and a lot of adornment.

Our room had two floors, Michi settled down at the ground floor and Lau and I took the two beds upstairs. It wasn't that big but very comfortable.

A lot of people enjoyed the fantastic weather so the streets were full of cheerful people and exhibition visitors.
Our plan was to walk through the city and took a look at the shops.

 Michi and I with gorgeous old buildings in the background. I love the inner-city area of Leipzig.

At the shop 'New Steinbruch' I found some nice stuff like this white shirt. I wanted to have it.

That onepiece was cute, too but I guess it was too long and doesn't looked good on me Q___Q

But I found a lot of other cute things: that white shirt with 'beautiful'-print, cheap eyelashes from claire's, black zebra-striped tights from H&M, black earrings from orsay, earrings with cute pandas and earrings and necklace with watermelon from claire's 'cause j'aime les pastèques (^O^)

After shopping we wanted to have a break in an ice café but we haven't found a place outside so we had to take a place inside of the café.
I had a big fat cake with latte macchiato caramel and it was delicious.

In the evening we had delicious food at an Indian restaurant and the lamb curry was a nice finish of that wonderful day with my friends.
Next entry will be about the book fair and cosplay so stay tuned and take care!

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  1. Ich will die Zeit wieder zurückspulen Q____Q
    können wir nich nochmal freitag vor der LBM haben ? XD