Montag, 20. Mai 2013

9th day ~ Ikebukuro

The next day we were sooo damn tired but Aya-chan had to get up early 'cause she wanted to leave to Sendai. We slept a little bit longer and after a nice breakfast Kaoru-chan and I wanted to go to Ikebukuro for shopping while Michi left for Antique Market and Imperial Garden.

The weather was nice and really warm but so stormy. Ikebukuro was crowd like always. We went to different shops and visited Sunshine Ikebukuro but I can't decide and at the end I bought nothing.

But then we stopped at Tokyu Hands. They sold 'Baumkuchen' outside and Kaoru-chan and I decided to buy one Matcha Baumkuchen for Michi.

Then I had the idea to search for some cute stationary so we went inside the Tokyu Hands department store. I wanted to write a letter to someone special so the decision was hard but Kaoru-chan helped me out.
Also I bought some sticker for a purikura album I hadn't bought yet.

They had such cute stuff and even I'm not the fan of cutie glitter stickers I can't resist and bought a lot HA HA

Some time later we met Michi at my obligatory smoking area near the station 'cause we wanted to have lunch together so we went all together back to Sunshine Ikebukuro.

Kaoru-chan wanted to show us one of her favourite Mexican restaurants. I don't like Mexican food but Kaoru-chan was so happy that I didn't tell her.

It wasn't tasty at all and the meal was really really small, I still was hungry after eating this and I was searching the main meal but...there wasn't one LOL
So after I wanted to eat some sweets...that's not typical for me 'cause I don't like sweets that much.
We went back Sunshine street and searched for a nice Café.

messy 'cause of storm
While Michi and Kaoru-chan were eating some cake I ordered a delicious waffle with ice cream and red berries.

While enjoying the sweets Kaoru-chan helped me to prepare a letter in Japanese. It was hard 'cause I didn't know what I should write but in the end we were satisfied with the result so I could write it on the cute stationary the next day.

In the evening we left Ikebukuro and said goodbye to Kaoru-chan but we wanted to meet on Tuesday again.
Michi and I went back to hotel and planned the next day where we wanted to visit Shin-Ōkubo the Korean district, also called Korea Town.

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