Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

女々しくて辛いよ ~ Making of our own PV

I don't know how and when I got the idea. Anyway, since my friends and I cosplayed Golden Bomber in March at LBM I wanted to make our own fanmade PV.
So during our stay at Michi's place last month we were ready for least more or less 'cause we only had two days to practise that dance together.

During our practise lessons we felt like rock stars and had a lot of beer and cigarettes *lol*...

Since my last trip to Japan I'm totally in love with Golden Bomber. 'Memeshikute' was the first song I've ever heard of them and the first PV I saw so it means a lot to me.
Our idea was to make that video in normal PV-outfits, in K-Pop outfits and we as girly ourselves.

We had to ask our good friend Sato-chan for filming and acting 'cause we wanted also to make some scenes from the opening and the cutscene in the bar.

cool Sato-chan

Sato-chan graduated to our Manager-kun at this time ha ha... She was sooo awesome. I love you >///<

I was giving the introductions. I seemed to be that spectacular that Michi was looking like she fall asleep and Sato-chan just was thinking 'What the fuck?' XD
Even it was very stressful we had a lot of fun this two days while we were acting together.


After all I had to cut our scenes into one video. It was sooo disgusting 'cause I worked out with 'Windumb' Movie Maker and it took weeks.
The result it not that good I expected. Quality is really poor but WMM is not the best programm.
So here's our own fanmade PV of Golden Bomber's 'Memeshikute'...
You think we're mad? So, let me tell you: Yes, we are! XD

Take care!


  1. Ei loff juuuuuuu <3 <3 <3
    You're the best!
    Sooooo viel Liebe, dass du das so gut hinbekommen hast <3 <3 <3
    Auch wenn mir der Hut in die Fresse rutscht XP
    Liebe auch an den MANAGER und die Bier-Parade und an Nii-chans Brille im ersten Bild XD
    chu <3

  2. OMG !! So geil das Fanmade Vid!! :D
    Besser hätte es kaum sein können, vllt abgesehen von der Beleuchtung, aber so super Idee! *___*
    So hammer! XD
    Würde mich ja mal interessieren was das Original dazu sagt :DDD