Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Got bombered and weekly weekend report

I'm totally done and through with myself at the moment 'cause yesterday I checked the homepage of my favourite band Golden Bomber.
I had the hope that they'll make some lives in August when I'm in Japan and the mail we got from euclid agency seems to be positive but then the shock:
They will have lives...but only as from o1.o9.
We will be in Japan till 3o.o8.
So that's a black moment of my life. I wished so hard to see them live on stage.

Before I will cry again about this I'll better post a few pics of my last weekend. Lau and I met up for having a look at the only Gina Tricot store we have here in Berlin.

But our first stop, of course, was the Tea One at Alexanderplatz to enjoy another bubble tea. This time I tried the strawberry yoghurt with mango bubbles. Delicious but too sweet in my opinion.

I look creepy XD

At Gina Tricot Lau and I found some nice stuff. I was looking for a mint green skirt and maybe I wanted to buy a white shirt and I had luck.

So I bought both and also I found a cute beltbag there. Lau catched a cute one piece which was on sale.

That was my coord this day. I was wearing my [fake!] fur fox tail for first time and I was playing the whole time with that thing >.< but I really love it.
After leaving Gina Tricot we went to Ring Center 'cause I had to buy a birthday present for my stepmother but at H&M I found another things I had to buy.
Here my shopping results for that day:

After shopping we had a break at Coffee Fellows. I ate a doughnut and had a chai latte, like always ^^

The café was empty so for first time we could choose a place to sit. That was really creepy and first we thought that the EM-soccer game Germany vs. Denmark will be on Saturday and not, like planned, on Sunday o__O
Our evening depended on relaxing and talking 'bout Golden Bomber and other things.

Next day started with breakfast while watching Dragon Ball Z on TV, like every Sunday.

I really love Dragon Ball since my childhood so I try to watch it every Sunday.
After breakfast Lau and I ordered some tights and socks from a German webshop. I hope the order will arrive soon 'cause I'm really excited to try out the stockings *O*
Then I got the idea to cut one of my jeans but I was too lazy so Lau made that work and I really like them.

The jeans I bought last year at Tally Weijl but at the moment I don't like to wear jeans. Maybe I'll give them now a new try.

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. Ich hab heute auch schon deswegen geweint Q_____Q und musste mit die Wimpern wieder neu ankleben.....
    was für ein shock an Kirisho's Geburtstag Q_______Q
    dann müssen wir einfach zu diesem einen festival!!!

    nice post by the way ^o^

  2. du bekommst den "liebster blog award" von mir ^^°
    sorry, dass ich dich tagge..... ich mag sowas ja selber eigentlich net...

  3. Ich mag auch net getagged werden, wie du weisst, also werde ich das gekonnt ignorieren ^^°