Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Last Saturday's retail therapy

I was very excited 'cause Lau and I met up tp search for the album of Golden Bomber.
The release was at 19th June in six different countries...allegedly.
So first we went to Alexanderplatz where's one of the biggest electronical market and we hoped to get some informations there.

That was me, full of hope. I wore the jeans that Lau 'destroyed' last weekend for first time. My hair looks messy on this pic [like always] because of the fucking wind this day.
At the information on the store they told us, that the album of Golden Bomber isn't available. It's an import article and I just thought WHAT THE FUCK?
So Lau called another shop and they approved that statement and told us, that they're really confused because of this. Us too!

After that I was frustrated...and hungry, so we went to shopping mall 'Alexa' and I ate some Chinese noodles with spring rolls and decided to go shopping for cheering us up.

At H&M we found nice printed shirts with 'I fancy the lead singer' and 'I prefer the drummer'. I had to buy the drummer-shirt for my friend Michi 'cause she likes Kenji, the drummer of Golden Bomber.

Lau took the other shirt and I was pissed 'cause the guitarist was missing so I bought both shirts and some other things.

Lau and me at the changing room. I've got a very dumb expression on my face o__O but Lau looks cute with that brown wig and that girlish styling.

I was also looking for a cute colorful shirt and I checked this at New Yorker but I don't bought it. Too much of pink and a little bit too cute ^^

At Tally Weijl I got this cute bag and also rings and a bracelet on sale.

At claire's I catched these glasses and earrings.

My shirts from H&M and earrings, bracelet and a belt. By the way, I haven't sent Michi that shirt already...I have to, I hope she'll like it.

Aaaand finally my red ballerina shoes which I got very cheap.

Oh, and also my ordered stockings from funny legs arrived recently. That shop has really cute stuff, nice stockings, tights and other things...

On the right are hold-up stockings and on the left a set with suspender stockings. I can't await to wear them.

That's how the left stockings should look.
So that's it. Tomorrow will be another soccer match from the German team and at weekend I have to work.
I guess I won't do another shopping trip again that days *lough*....

Take care!

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