Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Lau fancies the lead singer and I prefer the drummer

Helloooo dears, nothing special happened last weekend so I couldn't tell you any interesting stories or show you great pictures but anyway, the weather was awesome so Lau and I met up for hanging around a little bit.
We wore both our new shirts from H&M that we bought last weekend [Lau's shirt was the 'I fancy the lead singer' and mine 'I prefer the drummer'] and nearly the same glasses and hats so I guess it was a kind of twin outfit, ha ha...
But, of course, I don't prefer the drummer, I love the [air] guitarist XD

First we had a Bubble Tea at Alexanderplatz and it was so warm and nice that we decided to make some pictures, sit down there and watching the people.
I had a kiwi yoghurt tea with lychee bubbles...too sweet for my taste >.< ... next time I'll try out another milk tea I guess.

At the 'Alexanderplatz' were strange people, some in costumes but not that normal cosplayers and also a guy who played a living goal wall XD

After relaxing we went to Ring Center 'cause I wanted to buy a new light for one of my fish tanks but the shop was closed.
Really bad, but we took a look at H&M and other stores and made some pics.

 Because it was sale I can't resist and bought two shirts...They are not that special but I wanted to have them to combine.

That one is from New Yorker. It was really cheap but kinda cute 'cause of the cupcake on it ^O^

And a short shirt from H&M. Shopping again even I promised that I don't wanted >.<

And this innocent looking, handsome cutie made me really sad last week. It's Kiryuuin Shou, that lead singer of Golden Bomber.
He declared that he has solo plans and wanted to record his own album in future so Golden Bomber now will be his second mainstay.
I was upset at this moment. I guess this will be the beginning of the end of Golden Bomber.
Hopefully I'll have the chance to see the guys live before that'll happen.
Then I want to kick his, just kidding, I still like my shorty <3

Oh, I forgort last times to tell that I bought my first live ticket for a Japanese band: it's An Cafe...
I'm not that enthusiastic about them but I guess it will be a nice evening with my friends.

It's in November...faaaar the moment I'm looking forward to my holidays in Japan...just one month left until that trip *O*

Take care!


  1. waaaaa~ ich mag unsere Outfits XXDDD
    wir sind sooooo cooool XD

    diesmal war ich die schwarze und du die weiße Xd fällt mir gerade auf!

    anygays... nice post XD
    yeah, kick his ass!!!

  2. I really like your blog! Sucks that Kiryuuin Shou made you sad. I get sad too when musicians do that :( Following!