Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Summer, sale and 「ICE BOX」

Hello there, how are you doing?
I'm totally done at the moment 'cause it's summer time and a few workmates are in holidays so I'm working 11 hours a day and every second weekend.
But only two weeks until MY holidays left.
Last weeks weren't interesting.
Just a few pictures of my flowers at balkony, summer's sale and ...

I'm happy that my mother visited me a few weeks ago and gave me a feeling of summer 'cause she brought some flowers for my balkony. I love it to sit there in the evening after work.

Lau and I went shopping (agaaaain XD) and I catched nice things like that denim jumpsuit. Can't await to wear that thing...

Also I bought some brown lenses. They make very BIG eyes, I haven't tried out yet but Lau has got the same ones and it looks pretty.
Beside a lot of clothes nobody needs I bought new make up at Douglas. My skin is very shiny in summer *sigh* so I took some foundation from Clinique.
I'll give it a try. Also I got new Lancome powder. That stuff is sooo expensive Q___Q

And the best news for today: A few hours ago I got a mail from my friend Aya who lives in Japan.
She bought two tickets for Lau and me for a festival at 25th August in Nagaoka aaand Golden Bomber will appear there.
It's the only chance to see them for us when we will be in Japan. It's expensive, it's definitely crazy, it will be full of people, there will be a lot of other bands I'm not interested in but FUCK YEAH! I will see them!
I'm really happy at the moment!

I will close this post with the commercial spot of Golden Bomber for ICE BOX. The guys are hilarious.



    vielleicht können wir das Zeug in Japan probieren? XD

    schön, dass du deinen blog mal wieder fütterst XD
    hoffen wir, dass die anstrengenden Wochen für dich bald zuende gehen!!!