Freitag, 31. August 2012

1st day ~ Arriving at Kyoto

I was totally excited 'cause on Friday, 1o th August, my holidays started and I wanted to spend them in Japan.
So this will be my report about my wonderful time there.
I met a lot of old and new friends, visited old and new places, cried and loughed a lot and finally decided to come back next year in April for sure to celebrate my birthday there.

The night to Friday I hadn't slept very well so I was looking like a zombie from Stephen Kings 'Sometimes they come back'.
I met Lau around 9 o'clock for going to airport Tegel together.

Our first destination was Frankfurt, where we met Michi for taking together the airplane to Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

our dinner on the flight
snacks...happy that I got Onigiri
After around 11 1/2 hours we finally arrived very tired but happy in Japan. For me it felt like coming home afer a long time.
We took the Haruka Express at the airport like last year to arrive at Kyoto, where we spent the first 5 nights.

Because we arrived very early our room wasn't prepared for check in. In Japan it's normal that the check-in time is around 2 p.m. so we left our luggage there and visited first my favourite breakfast café 'Cafè du Monde' at the station where I had a caramel cafe latte and my first cigarette after that long flight.

Our first hotel was, like last year, the 'New Miyako' nearby the Kyoto station.
It's my favourite hotel, very comfortable, nice people, lightful rooms and a good beginning for our trip.
By the way, Kyoto is very famous for celebrate weddings and Michi and I were very excited for that fact and pitched a lot of funny tales XD

My first gets on that day: new Ageha and new egg issue.

After check-in and a short afternoon nap we went to AEON MALL, a shopping mall few meters far away from our hotel, for having our first Japanese dinner since one year ^O^

I had one of my favourite meals, Tempura with rice, sweet soy sauce and scallions. Very delicious.
So we were prepared for the following days.

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