Freitag, 31. August 2012

2nd day ~ Kyoto downtown

Sunday, 12.08.

The day started with a nice breakfast at 'Café du Monde'. I love it to sit there and watching the people passing by.

My coord that day was very simple. Shorts from New Yorker, top and socks from H&M, shoes off brand and fake brown glasses from claire's. But, of course, I wore my extensions ^^

We strolled through the charming small streets of Kyoto.

Finally we were searching for Teramachi-dori and Shinkyoguku-dori to went a little bit shopping. That area is sheltered so we were protected from the sun and the heat.
That cute shop sells a lot of needful things for girls like adornment, cosmetics and also lashes *O*
I was so happy 'cause in Germany it's impossible to find lower lashes. I bought some Diamond lashes. They were 5o % reduced.

Everywhere were small shrines and it looks so peaceful and traditional. I love the athmosphere.

Lau and I
After shopping we went to Gion, a traditional area of Kyoto 'cause Michi wanted to check the schedule of the performances there. Kyoto is such a beautiful town.

My feet were burning after that long walk but I hadn't blisters on my feet like last year XD

For dinner I ate Yakitori with rice, very tasty, at our food court. Michi had the same meal, Lau tried the Takoyaki.
Then we went to supermarket for snacks and something to drink aaaand I found my beloved soft drink that I had last year. I don't know the name of it but I called it 'Naruto Brause' [Brause = soda] because last year was a picture of Naruto at the label XD

Naruto-Brause XD
The stuff is very sweet but I love it and the colour is sooo funny.
And here my shopping results that day:

I was inspired by the fashion of Kyoto's girls. They wear natural colours like brown, beige and grey so I bought that top and a short skirt with shorts under it at Honey's.
The shop staff asked me: "Wanna try?" and I answered: "Not try, buy!" because I knew that it would be fit.

And, of course, my new lower lashes from the PINK-latte shop. So the day was very successful.

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