Freitag, 31. August 2012

4th day ~ A walk in the park

Tuesday, 14.08.

I guess that day isn't that interesting for blogging because Lau went to Tokyo for a Gal's meet and Michi and I had another really relaxing day in Kyoto but the day was quite nice for us two.

My outfit that day. Shirt, hair flowers, shoes and belt from H&M, jeans shorts from Tally Weijl, socks from Tutuanna.

After we brought Lau to the station I bought my first cigarettes in Japan that year. It's the same brand I buy in Germany but they are more tasty and I like them much more.

By the way, Kyan Yutaka is smoking the same brand. Isn't it fate? HA HA

Michi and I decided to discover our area around Kyoto station. First we went to the Kyoto tower and then we had a long walk around the Umekoji park.

A really nice smoking area with a wonderful view.

To the park belongs also a steam locomotive museum but we only took a look outside.

Also there was an Aquarium but we felt too tired to wait 45 minutes in the heat so we didn't went in.

After visiting the park Michi and I went for shopping to Aeon Mall but we didn't buy anything so we only had a nice dinner.
Tomorrow we planned to go to Kobe where Michis mail friend Makoto lives.

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