Freitag, 31. August 2012

3rd day ~ Relaxing day at Kyoto

Monday, 13.08.

That day Michi was on a guided Kyoto tour so Lau and I had free time this day. We slept very long and after breakfast we decided to go shopping because I wanted to look for some brown shoes, a brown bag and some other things.

I wore my new outfit from Honey's that I bought the day before with Tutuanna socks, shoes off brand.

We tried to find without Michis help the passages in Teramachi-dori and Shinkyoguku-dori where we were yesterday.
I don't have any sense of direction so I had to trust in Lau XD

The first rest was on an ashtray. In Japan it isn't allowed to smoke in the streets so I was happy to find a place for my cigarette.

And YATTA! Lau found the way. It was a nice and relaxed day but I didn't find anything but Lau bought a lot of stuff.

For lunch we bought Onigiri at Family Mart and had a rest near the passages. There were a lot of pigeons and I felt a little bit like I was in Berlin XD

After shopping we went back to our hotel and prepared for dinner. Michis day was also nice. She visited a lot of famous places in Kyoto and also the handicraft center where she bought a lot of things.

The view out of our window at the hotel. Really beautiful. When I will marry some day [I guess I will never but WHEN!] I would choose Kyoto and the New Miyako Hotel. It's so perfect and romantic!

In the evening I watched some PV's of Golden Bomber. I missed the guys so I had to! I was really looking forward to see them live in Nagaoka.

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