Sonntag, 29. September 2013

4th day ~ Harajuku and Izakaya


I would like to continue with the last days of my short trip to Japan 'cause there were so many events last weeks like circle meet up or Connichi that I cannot blog about >.< so let's hurry!
Also I'm planning my next journey. I will go in April for three weeks with Michi again and we also want to stay in Osaka... I'm very excited! But now... Tokyo, Sunday, 4th of August...

Even we planned to visit Harajuku I dressed up in Liz Lisa 'cause I wanted to. First I was thinking about my new Ma*rs stuff but then I decided for good, old, comfy Liz Lisa xD

It was like coming home when I ordered my breakfast at Tully's: Honey Milk Latte and Ham Toast. And I was VERY surprised that one of the girls working there really recognized me after four month! She's so cute!

After that great breakfast we met Kaoru at Harajuku Station. She wanted to have a look at Kinji Used Clothing and I should guide her!
But first we went down Takeshita Dori and had a look at different shops.

Kirschu bought a looot of stuff at 'MINT NeKO', a label Golden Bomber's bassist Junjun had a collaboration with. The shop was located at Laforet and it was really interesting even it was so fucking expensive!

I wanted to buy a shirt but I can't decide, so in the end I bought nothing Q___Q That brand is great to create some Rokku styles and I guess, that I will have a look there again next year.

For lunch we went to a fast food restaurant which offered pasta. I had something with shrimps and it was tasty but kind of strange to eat something like that in Japan *lol*...but I knew that I would get my beloved Yakisoba in the evening so it was okay to me.

When I found Kinji Used Clothing without a mistake I was really proud of myself! You know, my sense of direction isn't the best but after a few times in Tokyo I got it! やった!
It's a huge shop which is selling second hand clothes and if you have enough time and patience you can also find some gyaru stuff and brands like Igni, Liz Lisa, La Pafait and others.

After some time Kaoru-chan and I seperated from Kirschu who wanted to stay a little bit longer in Harajuku and so we ended up in...

...Shibuya, of course! So we went again to 1o9 but didn't bought anything...just strolled through the shops and chatted a lot until we met again Kirschu in front of 1o9 'cause we wanted to go for dinner to Izakaya together.

Kirschu was so kind to buy me some pictures of Kyan Yutaka, my cutie of Golden Bomber, I wanted to have. Also she tried to get a key chain of him out of the gacha machine and YESSS! she was a lucky girl and got Yutaka for me! Thank you sooo much!

In the early evening we went to Shinjuku 'cause Kaoru-chan made a reservation for an Izakaya there. Also Yosuke-kun wanted to join and it was nice to meet him again.

We ordered the obligatory starters like Edamame and Tamagoyaki and, of course, had nice cool BEER!

Yosuke-kun also ordered Sashimi and Kirschu and I tried. It was okay and not that awful I expected but not my cup of tea so I ordered my Yakisoba and became happy xD
It was a nice evening and I really enjoyed the athmosphere there.

Kaoru-chan and Yosuke-kun
After a few hours we had to leave but it's some kind of tradition that we go to a Game Center after such a meet for doing purikura *lol*

the Game Center
Then we said goodbye to Yosuke-kun. I really like him, he's so kind and a good guy. Hope to see him again next time.

Shinjuku at night
For the next day Kirschu and I had the plan to go to Odaiba...and we did but... with funny German companion xD