Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

5th day ~ Odaiba ... or: No BEER, no life xD

Our Monday started in the morning with a breakfast, like always, at Tully's Café. Our plan was to visit Odaiba 'cause it was Kirschu's first time in Japan and she wanted to go there.
For me it was okay, Odaiba for me means relaxing and nice beach feeling.

I wore nothing special, just my light jumper from Garula. You know, in August the heat is like hell in Tokyo and the humid so bad... it would be better to wear nothing ha ha...

At Tully's we were very surprised that suddenly a German guy talked to us what we are doing in Tokyo so we chatted for a while with him. His name was Oli, around 40 years old and living near Hamamatsu-cho station. And he said spontanious that he wanted to join our Odaiba trip.

When we arrived we went to a supermarket first and bought...BEER! It was around noon and I guess I have never drunk a beer that early, ha ha...
But with that beautiful view to the beach it was nice to chat and drink.

Rainbow Bridge
me with Oli
After that we had a nice walk down the beach until we saw a nice beach bar and guess what? YESSS, we had another break there with beer xD

Thank God that Japanese beer is so light, with German beer and 30°C I would be done after the second one.

beautiful blossoms
Fuji TV
Statue of Liberty
Kirschu made a lot of pics. I guess she liked Odaiba, too. It's a nice mixture between modern and nature even that island is factitious.

Me in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza. It was the first time for me that I had a look at big Gundam there so I had to take a picture.

To cool down and for lunch we went to Aqua City Center nearby Fuji TV. That center is a big mall with various stores like clothes [but most western fashion], but also there's a Disney Store and or Toys R us inside, a cinema complex and a food court.

For lunch we had curry rice with fried fish and -surprise!- another beer *LOL*. Then we continued our walk through Aqua City and found...GACHAPIN!

They sold some stuff and I can't resist, so I bought a blanket, a plush and some key chains. I'm addicted to that green, cute dinosaur.

After a last cigarette we said goodbye to Oli 'cause he had to leave for some buisness. But we wanted to meet again for drinking.

Kirschu and I continued our discovery tour by our own and went to Palette Town, another large shopping and entertaining complex.

famous Ferris Wheel
It was also the first time I visited Venus Fort and it was very impressive for me. But the shops there weren't that interesting so we bought nothing there.

After that long day our feet were burning so we decided to leave Daiba around 6 to go back to Hamamatsu-cho.

On the way back to our hotel we had a brief stop at the good, old Pokémon Center. Kirschu bought some merchandise there but I really was shocked! I didn't know half of the Pokémon there anymore even I really liked it some years ago. For me, the charme of Pokémon is gone! That's really sad.

In the late evening we were loughing so hard 'cause we had a BIG beetle or something like that in our room and I wasn't able to sleep when I knew that 'he' was behind our bed so I tried to lure him with some bread and it really works!!! So I could kill him and we had a relaxing night and slept well.


  1. Beer XD I really love your stlye, your hair looks amazing <3
    bai, Shiki

  2. waaah so cool pics! haha, it's kinda cool that this guy just joined your trip :D

  3. du hast meinen/unseren puri-spruch geklaut XXDDDDD
    aper passt ja wohl wie die Faust auf's Auge ~ haha
    ...wobei das wohl für jeden deiner Tage in japn passt XP
    bye <3

    1. *lol* ja, man, aber es passte nun mal wirklich wie die Faust aufs Auge xD
      gomen ne ^^