Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Japan feeling back in Germany

In the morning Kirschu and I went to supermarket to buy something to eat and we had a good breakfast. We were awaken very early 'cause of the jetlag we had úu
But in the afternoon Lau visited us and we spent a nice day together.
The weather was nice even not THAT hot like in Tokyo. We heard about a purikura machine in Berlin and, of course, Lau and Kirschu wanted to visit the spot 'cause both really like purikura.

So we went to the J-Store in Berlin-Charlottenburg. And really: Berlin has it's own purikura machine now!
We had a small talk with the owner and he said that the machine will stay in town and maybe he will try to get another machine soon.
I was happy to do some purikura again after 48 hours again...NOT! ha ha...
But I'm happy for my friends that they now have the possibility to do some after the machine in Duesseldorf isn't anymore.

I like the light colors. By the way, one round you will get for 8,00 EUR. Sometimes they have special offers or you can win a free round.
You can choose your round between best friends, couple or boys. Also you can get a bonus shot if you are lucky.

Kirschu and I with the nice owner. By the way, I was wearing my new Liz Lisa onepiece that day but I forgot to take an outfit picture >.<

My friends wanted to have another round but I was too hungry and I'm unbearable when I'm hungry *lol* so after a last picture we went to Prenzlauer Berg.

At the Crepestation we had some japanese styled crepes and Kirschu and I told Lau everything about our journey, watched some pictures and talked about new plans for the next convention.
So time flew and in the evening we decided to visit a japanese restaurant for dinner.

At Makoto I had Edamame, Omusoba and the good Asahi beer. It tasted fantastic like always and I became something like a blues 'cause I really really miss Japan!
That's why I'm planning my next trip at the moment in April next year, ha ha...

In the evening Kirschu and I seperated from Lau and went back to my flat. We wanted to watch the movie with Kyan Yutaka 『死ガ二人ヲワカツマデ・・・』 ~ 「色ノナイ青」 (Till Death Do Us Part) and I was very excited.

He is looking fantastic in this movie! Without any strong make up and without styled hair he's just perfect. No other word would describe him than perfect!

Because Kirschu and I didn't understand a lot of the dialogues we made our own story and it was sooo funny. I really hope that somebody will sub the movie soon.
The scenes were full of action and I really love action movies. After the second time I watched it a few weeks ago I recognized that Kiryuuin Shou and Utahiroba Jun, two other bandmember of Golden Bomber, appeared shortly. I loughed so hard.

Next day Kirschu left Berlin in the early morning. Thanks to her for the great time and thanks to Lau and her for that wonderful day!


  1. Ich finds süß, dass du deinen Freundinnen zu Liebe trotzdem die Puris mitmachst. ^^

  2. Oooh schöne Puris, ich fands auch so traurig, dass man in Düsseldorf keine mehr machen kann ;-;

  3. Ach, ich weine dem Japanstore in Düsseldorf immernoch hinterher :(