Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

7th day ~ A chaotic day ended in Ebisu

This was one of the days I didn't plan that it ended in THIS but nevertheless it was an interesting day filled with encounters, fun, beer, hair and lots of more *lol*

Kirschu wanted to make extensions during her stay and one of her US friends made very spontanious an appointment for that Wednesday so Aya-chan, Kirschu and I got up very early. I wanted to accompany her 'cause I was thinking about having extensions, too.

So we met up with the twins Meghan and Tara at Hachiko around 10 o'clock.
And, of course, it was fucking hot even it was early in the morning.

So we went to that hair salon I found at egg magazine a few days before. It was just 10 minutes walk from the station.

When I was there I really wanted to have extensions, too but I didn't want to have blonde ones so one of the twins, Aya-chan and I went first to a hair dresser who dyed my hair light brown.
I really can recommend Japanese hair dresser, you feel like a princess and you get a massage *O*

So that was my new hair colour. Please ignore my messy look, my make up which was gone far far away *lol* and the rest of my derp face, ha ha...
I was thinking about brown hair for a really long time but I was too scared 'cause I had blonde hair since around 15 years so it was a huuuge step for me.

After dying my hair we met again Kirschu and the other twin. Kirschu's extensions were already finished.
I was surprised that it just took around 45 minutes and she absolutely looked adorable! Sooo cute!

We were hungry after that hair thing so we decided to have lunch together somewhere in Shibuya. It was a nice restaurant but the meal wasn't my cup of tea.
After lunch we strolled a little bit through the area 'cause the guys of the hair salon were full at that moment and told us to come back in one hour.
We also made some Purikura.

That are the only ones I have with Aya-chan this time Q___Q Sorry for the bad quality but I'm not able to make better pics of them atm 'cause I'm not at home when it's daylight outside.

The twins left in the afternoon, also Kirschu wanted to explore the area so I was only with Aya-chan at the hair salon. But a big surprise: her husband, Kuni, was in Tokyo for business and visited us there. I was very excited to meet him for the first time but he was sooo kind and I was happy to meet him.
Unfortunately I forgot my cam that day so I only have the pics that Kirschu took >.<

Around 7 we picked up Kirschu at Hachiko. Aya-chan wanted to take her husband to Tokyo Station and Kirschu and I wanted to refresh us at the hotel and change clothes but then...a SMS from Kaoru-chan arrived...we should go to Ebisu Station NOW 'cause Oli, the guy we went with to Odaiba, was waiting there.
We wanted to go drinking that night and Kaoru-chan made the appointment so...no shower, no fresh clothes, no make up... Q____Q
After some trouble at Ebisu Station we finally found Oli and also Aya-chan arrived. So together we went to Yokocho.
I really love the Yokocho. It has so many charme and I decided to come back when I visited it the first time in April. Nothing has changed.

Oli and I
We had to make our food by ourselves...I don't like that very much 'cause before everything is ready for eating I'm starving...so I drunk a lot of beer...it was also a good dinner, ha ha

Kirschu and Kaoru-chan
Kaoru-chan also arrived but she was late 'cause of her work. I was glad to see her once more before I had to leave Japan.

That cutie was one of our waiters. Kirschu had a little crush on him and I totally understood, why. Unfortunately too young for me, ha ha
Look at the background *lol*

And our other waiter. He was sooo funny. We found out that he is from Osaka. I really love Osaka people.

our little group that evening
my cute Aya-chan
We had a lot of fun this evening and I really can recommend the Yokocho in Ebisu if you want to go for a drink and eat something in the evening with friends 'cause it's lively, all people there are very nice and you can get in contact there easy with the people.

Ah, and I asked Kaoru-chan to have a look at Keigo's bar if he's still working there and really, he was! I saw that cutie first time in April but...I didn't want to say 'hello' to him so I told Kaoru-chan and Aya-chan to take a picture of him <3
But...maybe next time I will have more courage, ha ha...

So...our day ended with a bill over 20 beer and we took a taxi to our hotel. Next day was our last day in Tokyo.


  1. sounds like fun! you looked so cute! (*゚ー゚)ゞ

  2. Oh Gott.. die Haare von deiner Freundin sehen so süß aus *__*