Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2013

8th day ~ Last day in Japan

So this is the post of my last day in Tokyo and I'm happy about that. I guess it's time for new stuff and leave the old behind.

Kirschu and I prepaired for our last day and wore nice coords 'cause we had a really good plan for that day.
Aya-chan had to work so she left early in the morning.

I decided that is was a good day to wear my new Ma*rs stuff what I bought together with Kaoru-chan. It was kind of strange to look in the mirror and see myself with brown hair oO

But I guess I really like it and I try to think that brown hair isn't boring, ha ha... Actually I'm thinking about some blonde highlights but that's another story.

Last shot at the hotel, we were ready to go. Kirschu looked very cute, she wore some kind of cute Rokku outfit and combined her Mint Neko vest with her selfmade 'My heart beats for the bassist'-shirt, especially made for the Golden Bomber live...
I really like that vest and I would like to find something similar, too!

First we went with Yamanote Line to Akihabara where we wanted to meet a friend from Germany, Kukki, who was also in Japan with another friend.
We had the idea to visit the Autumn Leaf together.

The Autumn Leaf is an ikemen café owned by Utahiroba Jun, the bassist of Golden Bomber. I read a lot about that café and visited their website so I was really excited to go there.
The entry was nice and a lot of sexy guys gave us a warm welcome but then we had to follow a stair down and were a little bit disappointed.

The room had a cold athmosphere, no nice decoration or something else and the waiters were very reserved. Kukki asked for a picture but our waiter said NO! Arrogant brat!
And it's fucking expensive there even the food and drinks are not special. I had a cafe latte and some kind of banana grape parfait. Very sweet and not that delicious.

Also the other girls weren't keen about that café so we just had a look at the more or less good looking guys while eating and paid really fast.

After leaving we sperated. Kukki and her friend said goodbye and Kirschu wanted to stay in Akihabara 'cause she has never been there.
I'm not that interested in Akihabara so I went to Shibuya again.

I had to buy some things I promised like some clothes or lashes. That's why I went again to 1o9. But it was some kind of stressful, I didn't have the time to have a look for myself, that really pissed me off.
At d.i.a. store I just bought a dress in sale for myself. I needed something for the flight back to Germany.
In the evening I picked up Kirschu at Hachiko and we strolled together through Shibuya.

And of course, we did some purikura. I'm not that big fan of purikura, you know, but Kirschu really like it so we had two rounds at a game center.

When we were finished also Aya-chan left her work and we met at Hachiko 'cause her office is in Shibuya, too. So I said goodbye to my favourite place and together we went back to Hamamatsu-cho.

Aya-chan, famous Hachiko and I
After refreshing at our hotel we decided to go to our Udon-ya for dinner. We were sooo hungry and beside my niku udon I also ordered tempura.

After dinner we went for a walk through Shiba Park to Tokyo Tower which was, like always, beautiful lighted.

Goodbye Tokyo Tower, goodbye Japan! We went back to hotel for packing our luggage. The night was quiet, no earthquake that time!
Aya-chan took us to Daimon Station in the very early morning to say goodbye. I will really miss her!

At Narita Airport I became very sad. I knew that I won't see my beloved Japan for a longer time. We had to take the flight via London to Berlin.

A last outfit shot at the airport with my new d.i.a. dress. I really like it but I don't wear it that often. Maybe I will sell it soon.

On board I just watched movies like 'Strawberry Night', a really nice Japanese crime movie with English subs and also again 'The Hobbit'.
After arriving at London Heathrow we had to wait for our gate and there were no possibility to have a cigarette.
Heathrow is really the worst airport I ever was and I have seen a lot!
So I was happy after landing in Tegel.


  1. It's so sad that you had to leave :'( but well, now Germany has you back, huh? :D I really like your new hair colour, usually I don't like brown hair because I think it's kinda boring. But honestly, your colour just looks amazing! o_o

  2. Ich lese deine Berichte echt sehr gerne! Sorry, das ich Kommifaul bin! *mich schäm* Und auch sehr tolle Bilder bei. Auf dem einen Foto, die d.i.a. Tasche, ist das die, die du meintest, oder ne andere?
    LG, Renoyuki ^^

  3. PS: Mir fällt gerade ein, kannst auch auf Kreisel schreiben, wenn magst. Schau ich ja auch hin und wieder doch drauf, obs was neues gibt. XDD

  4. huhu ich nochmal XD hab dir kurz auf twitter geschrieben, da ich kein FB habe. Und Danke schön für´s Kommi *chu* ^-^