Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

6th day ~ Ikebukuro and Shibuya

On Tuesday Kirschu and I decided to visit Ikebukuro 'cause I wanted to show her Sunshine Ikebukuro and also we wanted to take a look there at Donki Shop.

After that we wanted to go to Shibuya again and in the evening my friend Aya-chan from Sendai was arriving for spending the last days with me.
Even the weather wasn't that sunny like last days and it rained sometimes, it was still hot and humid x___X

I dressed up completely in Liz Lisa. I don't know why but in summer I really LOVE to wear Liz Lisa, in winter I prefer other brands and not that cute stuff...I guess I'm strange, ha ha...

Of course first we had breakfast at Tully's and I was looking forward to something sweet this time so I ordered delicious French Toast with my good old Honey Milk Latte.
Btw, that's the last picture of me with blonde hair X3

In Ikebukuro I saw a lot of cute things like shoes or clothes or wallets but finally I bought nothing 'cause I wasn't able to decide WHAT *sigh*...
There were sooo many cute Liz Lisa wallets reduced and I was thinking about to buy some for selling in Germany *lol*

At Donki Shop I found some hair chalk what I bought for Lau. Kirschu also bought some stuff like lashes, a bag, loose socks etc.
After that we went again to Shibuya.

This is really my absolutely favourite place: Hachiko near Shibuya Station. It's a lively meeting point, it's always interesting just to sit there or smoke a cigarette and sometimes you can make nice contacts there.

We went to Tower Records first. I wanted to buy the new album of Golden Bomber 'The Past Masters, Vol. 1' but I wasn't sure if Aya-chan already bought for me so I just looked around the J-Music racks.

I left Shibuya some earlier than Kirschu. She took a picture of this cute Gachapin socks *O* I decided to buy on the last day but... I never did Q___Q

In the evening Aya-chan arrived and we went to our Udon shop near my hotel. I was so happy to meet her again and we changed news and talked about everything.
She stayed until my departure with me and we shared a bed, like always, ha ha...

Btw, I forgot to show my gets what I bought on Saturday at Shibuya 1o9.

A cute white one piece which was on sale at Liz Lisa. I really like it to wear even some guys in Germany were asking me, if I'm going to a wedding *lol*

And also at Liz Lisa I bought a cute wallet even it was very expensive. But I wanted to have such a wallet for a long time and I haven't bought a lot that time so I thought: YESSS! I want it now! xD

But the best thing I got from Aya-chan that day: the DVD of 『死ガ二人ヲワカツマデ・・・』 ~ 「色ノナイ青」 , the movie with Kyan Yutaka... I was soooo happy...


  1. Antworten
    1. Der Movie ist voll toll, Action vom Feinsten, wenn auch typisch mit den üblichen japanischen Übertreibungen xD
      Yutaka ist toll, auch wenn er wenig spricht, aber er sieht sexü aus und witzigerweise sind auch Shou und Junjun kurz in einer Barszene zu sehen ^O^

  2. oooh so beautiful pics and your outfit was lovely! *__* You can be happy that you still have sunny days :D Here in Germany it's cooold as hell!