Montag, 15. April 2013

Japan 1st day ~ Arriving at Tokyo

First of all: thank you for sooo many new followers!
Now I want to tell you 'bout my holidays in Tokyo. I didn't take that much of pictures but my friend Michi took a lot and with her permission I can show you a little bit of the wonderful days I had.
First entry isn't really interesting but I don't want to start with the second day.

My holidays started at 29th March and luckily one of my best friends Lau accompanied me to Tegel Airport.
It was snowing like fucking hell and I was glad to leave Germany now for two weeks.
On Frankfurt Airport I met my friend Michi who wanted to share with me that wonderful time in Japan. My flight was late and I had to hurry up a lot but everything ended well and my holidays could start.

Unfortunately my seat was at the wing so I wasn't able to take some cool pictures of the blue sky which I missed a lot the last weeks in grey Berlin but who cared, I was on the way to Japan so I was happy.

Michi and I started our holidays with the obligatory Bailey's. The nice stewardess served us a double one and took a picture of us.
I'm looking soooo horrible there but who wants to have lashes and extensions for such a long flight? Me NOT! xD

After around 12 hours we arrived at Narita Airport and had to find the Asakusa Line. It wasn't that easy but after asking a few people we finally got into the train who would bring us to Daimon Station.

Against me Michi is looking fabulous after that long flight! After arriving at our good old Shiba Park Hotel near Tokyo Tower we organized W-LAN, some cigarettes for me and took a nap before my friend Aya-chan arrived. I was so happy to see her since last August!

We were hungry and so we went to our nice little Udon shop around the corner which we knew already from last year and I had my first delicious meal. 
Niku Udon is really yummy *O*

After dinner we took a walk at Shiba Park for watching the Sakura, the cherry blossoms, there.
Sooo beautiful! see? Really unspectacular, our first day but the next days were lot of more exciting!
I'll try to post every day until that report about my trip is finished!

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  1. wie schön^^ schade das die kirschblüten nun schon weg sind wenn wir wieder rüber fliegen nun >_<