Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

5th day ~ A date with less pictures

That day started with rain - again! Michi and I didn't want to go outside but I joked around: We joined the Tokyo Swim Team 2o13 xD
So we started with breakfast at Tully's Café like always and took a look at our new magazines.
My latest egg-issue wasn't that interesting I expected and after my umbrella was taken from somebody I wasn't in a good mood.
I bought a new one at drug store and we went back to our hotel and took a hot bath.

While I was dressing up Michi had real problems: what to wear? Usually I'm the girl with that problem so it was really funny for me.

My coord: Ma*rs sweater, Ma*rs belt, d.i.a. skirt aaaand finally my last tights without a ladder from H&M. I call them An Cafe tights 'cause I wore them at the concert at first LOL
In the afternoon I wanted to meet my funny mail friend Masahiro in Shibuya. Michi also had an appointment with her mail friend Ryuichi for dinner.

Before Michi and I seperated at Hamamatsu-chou Station we had a chilled matcha latte at our café. The weather forecast for once was right and it really stopped raining. Better! It was sunny! o__O

In Shibuya Masahiro and I chose good old Hachiko as meeting point... First I thought that it would be a bad idea 'cause nearly WHOLE Tokyo is meeting there but he picked me up just in time.
We were meeting for first time but it was like meeting an old friend. He is very nice, talkable, open minded and funny.

First we bought a present for his class mate and his sister at Tokyu Hands and after we went to Izakaya for talking, eating and drinking. We loughed a lot!
I'm such a dumb person that I didn't take pictures!

So dear Kirschu, when you read this: Please kick my ass for taking pictures when we will be together in Japan in August this year! Thank you! xD

After leaving the Izakaya and after a few BEER we decided to go to a Game Center to take puricura together. It was funny 'cause  we both don't like decorating ^^°

Then Masa and I wanted to visit the Tokyo Tower. Not because of me! He is from Yokohama and was never there before so I played the tourist guide and took him to Shiba Park.

Tokyo Tower at night is sooo beautiful! We bought a ticket for main observatory and had a really nice view over Tokyo.
It's really more charming than the Sky Tree!

With that view Masa asked me, if I would like to be his girlfriend. I just thought: WTF??? but his courage was great and some kind of cute but... I was really surprised HA HA...

After that great day I had to tell Michi a lot and I was excited to hear how her dinner with Ryuichi was.
So I went back to hotel around 10:30 p.m. and Michi and I were talking while TV was running. 
Suddenly Michi stopped and was whispering: 'I know that somehow...' and I took a look at TV and OMFG!

I was loughing soooo hard! Of course we know Miwa-san...especially the Miwa-san look:

My beloved cutie Kyan Yutaka, member of Golden Bomber, loves to dress up as Miwa Akihiro so... Michi!
How could you forget THIS? LOL

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