Sonntag, 21. April 2013

4th day ~ Shopping in Shibuya - my gets

After breakfast my dear Aya-chan left us for going back to Sendai for a few days. Michi and I wanted to meet Kaoru-chan again 'cause we wanted to go SHOPPING *O*
Unfortunately it was raining the whole fucking day so I don't have many pictures. I'm so sorry úu
We met up in Shibuya at Hachiko gate and first we swam to Tower Records where Michi was looking for Kenji's new book.

The book wasn't in stock so we had a look at the biiig Golden Bomber rack. I also looked for some An Cafe stuff, especially new DVD, but it wasn't in stock, too.
So I just bought an old CD of Golden Bomber.

Then we swam to Shibuya 1o9  but... we got hungry and went for lunch to a Tempura restaurant nearby. It was sooo delicious.

After a good luch Michi seperated from us to go to Tokyu Hands and Loft, some department stores, while Kaoru-chan and I went back to 1o9 and shopped sooo hard xD

At Ma*rs shop [picture NOT by me, it's not allowed to take pictures at 1o9] I spent most of my money 'cause they had some special offers.

You got 2 skirts for the price of 1 so Kaoru-chan and I shared the price and took our favourite skirt.

Also I bought a simple black cardigan at Ma*rs but not that special to make a picture of it xD

sweater from d.i.a.
lashes from SBY 1o9
Beside my stuff my friend Laura gave me a wishlist with things I should buy for her. She also gave me money for that so Kaoru-chan and I tried hard to find all things on the list like Liz Liza skirt, cross necklace from Glavil, stuff from was funny to work with that list but stressful 'cause not all informations about shops were correct so I had to take a floor guide.

This is the importantst thing of GALs-life HA HA... After a few hours and after a short break at a Kissaten Kaoru-chan and I picked Michi up at the doors of 1o9.
It still rained like hell but we wanted to do some purikura and swam to the Game Center nearby which was crowd like always.

It was really a great day even the weather was shitty. After the purikura we chilled at Excelsior Café near the 1o9 and splitted up finally at Shibuya Station from Kaoru-chan.
But before we left I bought the new egg issue ^^

 Michi bought her new OGGI and we were excited 'bout our new magazines and looked forward to a moment to watch them ^^

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  1. I love Golden Bomber too. :D
    And your items are amazing.
    Lovely blog.

    xo, Shiki