Freitag, 19. April 2013

3rd day ~ Sakura again in Asakusa

Yessss, I'm back! And here's another post about my holidays in Japan and - I promise! - the last one where I will show you Sakura HA HA...
But I can tell you, this was the funniest day in my life and Aya-chan and I, we loughed sooo hard!

That day Michi wanted to meet her mail friend Kyoji for first time. Aya-chan and I were really nosy what kind of guy he would be 'cause he called Michi at the hotel and Michi hadn't a picture of him.
But after breakfast I went back to hotel 'cause my tights got a ladder so Michi went without us.

Half an hour later Aya-chan and I arrived also at Asakusa Station and searched for the tourist center where we wanted to meet Michi and Kyoji and... we got shocked!
That guy who was with Michi was nearly...around 65 years old LOOOOL... Jii-san xD

First we went to the top of the roof and had a nice view over the area. Aya-chan and I tried not to lough but it was hard to hold on!

With our Jii-san we started a walking tour at Sumida River side and passed the Tokyo Sky Tree. The weather was nice and the cherry blossoms showed their best side to watch them.

cute Aya-chan and I
Tokyo Sky Tree
Kyoji-san and Michi
Kyoji-san brought us to a Maneki Neko Shrine, a lucky neko shrine, where I hoped to get some luck things.

Cats everywhere you look! I really hate cats but this was kind of cute. There I bought a lucky charm and also a horoscope for my love life...
Aya-chan translated for me and she told me the best luck in love...Who on earth believes that??? Me NOT!

After leaving the shrine we passed, of course, a lot of cherry trees, went to a small japanese garden and a short time later we got hungry and searched for a place where we could have lunch.
So our Jii-san went with us to a small Monjayaki restaurant.

We had a hot plate inside the table and had to make things by ourselves. I really hate that! Kyoji-san also was just looking and my poor Aya-chan had to make our food. But she was really good in cooking and she had fun.

That was really not my favourite dish, it reminded me somehow of the korean restaurant we went in August x___X

After that short break we had a brief stop at Sensō-ji temple which was crowded like hell and then we went by a cute bus through half of Ueno 'cause Kyoji-san wanted to show us some other places for Sakura and some temples.

That really was a lot of culture for one day HA HA... At Yanaka Cemetary Aya-chan and I joked around if there is some purikura machine for making pictures of Kyoji-san and Michi.

When it turned cold in the evening I had the idea to warm up with coffee. I guess it was really the best idea at this day and we went to a small Kissaten and had some matcha latte and matcha cake and I can tell you, it was the best matcha stuff we ever had! Sooo yummy!

While Aya-chan and I went downstairs for smoking we lought again so hard but all in all it was a nice, interesting and, for us, a funny day.
We said goodbye at Asakusa Station to Kyoji-san and went back to Hamamatsu-chou.
I was really looking forward to the next day where I wanted to meet Kaoru-chan again for shopping!

Btw I forgot to take some outfit pictures x___X and my hair looked messy 'cause of the strong wind. But who cared that day xD

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