Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

2nd day ~ Sakura, shopping and Izakaya

The second day started, of course, with breakfast at Tully's Café before Michi, Aya-chan and I left Hamamatsu-chou.
At Ueno we wanted to meet my friend Kaoru-chan and her best friend Eiko who we already knew from last August for watching Sakura at Ueno Koen.

my lovely girls: Eiko, Kaoru-chan, Michi and Aya-chan
The weather was grey and cloudy but of course a lot of better than in Germany so I was in a really good mood and glad to meet Kaoru-chan after four month again.

It was crowded and a lot of people were celebrating their Hanami under the beautiful cherry blossoms even it was not that warm but with some alcohol I guess they hadn't felt the cold HA HA...

Aya-chan bought Amasake, a hot drink without alcohol,
and Kaoru-chan said, my ex-boyfriend who was in Japan in January was crazy about that stuff but it wasn't tasty and I didn't like it >.<

There was a small temple where Michi took a look and made some pictures while we waited. There also were a lot of food stalls and the smell was sooo nice that we got hungry.

So after a long walk in the park we went for lunch to an italian restaurant. It wasn't that special but okay for that time.
After lunch we went for shopping to ABAB and after to Parco Ikebukuro, a shopping mall which also a Ma*rs shop included so I was excited and spent there a looot of money *O*

I bought that coat in black [sorry, I forgot to take a real picture] and I really LOVE it and was wearing it all the time during my stay in Tokyo.
Also I bought a sweater you will see in later posts aaaand finally a cute but expensive belt. I couldn't resist >.<

Kaoru-chan also bought some Ma*rs stuff and I was happy to share my passion for that brand with someone *lol*.

Then we had to say goodbye to Eiko 'cause she had to work the next day and can't join our visit at an Izakaya in Shinjuku.
But Kaoru-chan invited her friend Kouji and his work mate Yosuke-kun. While Kouji was kind of timid Yosuke tried to speak English all the time with us.
He was really funny and I like him a lot!

Kouji and Yosuke-kun
derp face *lol* me with Kaoru-chan and Aya-chan
Yakisoba *O*
After some starters I finally got my beloved Yakisoba. Sooo delicious! I could eat that stuff every day. And also I drank BEER. It's kinda strange 'cause I don't like to drink BEER in Germany but in Japan. Only God knows, why o___O

After some funny hours we left the Izakaya and went to a Game Center 'cause I wanted to do some purikura.

It's annoying to do purikura and it's much more annoying to decorate them but it's always a nice memory of a wonderful day.
Then I discovered Super Mario Cart and I really wanted to do a race so I persuaded Aya-chan and Kouji for it xD

But it seemed that I'm a bad driver, Aya-chan won two races. That sucked! HA HA... But it was such a nice day with wonderful people so I enjoyed every little second.

After a last group shot we seperated at Shinjuku Station and Michi, Aya-chan and I went back to our hotel with Yamanote line.
While waiting I recognized that a looot of Keisuke Honda pictures were fixed at the Yamanote trains. I like him, he's my favourite soccer player of the Japanese team.

Honda everywhere *O*
our way to hotel with Tokyo Tower in background
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!


  1. Aww~ Wie ich dich doch beneide!
    In Japan zu sein und dann während die Kirschblüten blühen. Ein Traum von mir!
    Ich freue mich sehr für dich!
    Hab noch eine super schöne Zeit und bin gespannt, was du noch zu erzählen und zeigen hast. ^^

    Gaaanz liebe Grüße,
    Renoyuki ^^

  2. I love your post. *w*

    xo, Shiki