Samstag, 27. April 2013

6th day ~ Harajuku

It was really unbelievable but when we woke up the sun was shining, it was warm and it looked like it never had rained the day before.
So Michi and I were happy about that weather 'cause we wanted to go to Harajuku that day, strolling through the streets and also visiting Yoyogi Park.

But first we had, of course, our obligatory breakfast. I took, like always, Honey Milk Latte and had a French Toast.
Then we went by Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station.

After arriving we had a brief stop at the smoking area near Jingu Bashi. There we were asked by two Japanese, which guy we would like to have as boyfriend [they showed us pictures]...
But there wasn't an interesting guy so we said, we need guys with longer hair HA HA...

We entered the Takeshita dori and turned right where a lot of small shops sold colorful clothes, mobile phone stuff and other things. Michi bought a Japan bag, a typical tourist bag, she wanted to have so bad and I found my first Gachapin merchandise: earphones! I was so happy!

happy Kiki is happy xD
Takeshita dori was crowd like always and Michi and I didn't really went for shopping. We just took a look at different shops and I found a simple light rosé cardigan.

It was really cheap and I was happy to find it 'cause it fits perfectly to my Liz Lisa wardrobe.

Of course we also had a look at the fan shop from last year. This time I wanted to try my luck again at the Golden Bomber key chain Gashapon machine aaand...finally I had luck and got 1x Yutaka and 2x Shou...seems that Shou likes me more than Yutaka HA HA

my preciousssss xD

Laforet entrance
At Kinji used clothing I found a nice bargain: there was a very cute coat and I recognized that it was from Liz Lisa Doll...for just 1,900 I can't resist >.<

After shopping we got hungry, bought some food at good, old Family Mart and went back, passed the station to go to Yoyogi Park but first we went to Meiji Jingū.

So we got some rest with a nice view and ate lunch. The Miko's were too cute and I said to Michi: 'Oh, look! A lot of Kikyous there!' xD
Then we finally went to Yoyogi Park. Even it was my third time in Japan I have never been there.

A lot of people were there, some were still celebrating Hanami, some were playing baseball, soccer and other sports. It was pieceful but even lively there and I really liked the athmosphere.

The cute Hachiko-Bus, a direct line between Harajuku and Shibuya Station, departured from Jingu Bashi.
But after a long walk in the park we went slowly back to Hamamatsu-chou 'cause we were done...and, of course, hungry xD

So we went to our Udon shop near hotel and I had my Niku Udon with delicious Tempura *O*
And I was looking forward to the next day 'cause Aya-chan wanted to come back from Sendai and we wanted to meet one of her friends, Yacchi-kun, to drive around with his car.