Sonntag, 20. März 2016

5th Int. Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet 2016

On 23rd January was the int. gyaru meet up in Frankfurt.
First we thought to participate in the same constellation as last year but in the end just Senja, Lau and I went to Frankfurt on Friday.
We had a single and a double room and I shared the double room with Senja. On Saturday morning we first had breakfast before we started to dress up.

Because Senja is the best hair dresser all over the world I was happy she did my hair again. She also helped Lau with her amazing hair style.

Senja is just amazing, isn't she? I loved my hair that day so much. Unfortunately the weather was against us >.<

dress: Rienda
coat: Rienda
boots: Heather Bee

This time I tried a new style. I dressed up in Onee Gyaru look. I bought that look in December in Osaka very spontaneious and I never thought that it would suit me well but I really like it!
We met up 1 pm at the main station before we went to our location together.

Senja, Lau and I

While we waited for the others my girls and I did some selfies and tried Senja's selfie stick.

pic by Philipp

Before we entered the location we did some group pictures. Senja and I were hiding in the background *lol*.
The location was a karaoke bar. It was too dark to do some pictures and also while filling out the questionnaire for the different categories like best substyle, best hair, best nails and so on we walked around and tried to have a look at the others. It was funny.

location (pic by Philipp)

introducing on 'stage'

host club athmosphere *lol*

Last year we were around 100 people but this time only around 40 participated. It was a little bit sad. And I really liked the location last time much more.
It was just too dark and noisy so it was hard to have a small talk or get to know the others. The washing room was the best meeting place. The light was awesome for pictures and there you met a lot of people for a talk.

Senja and I with Ari

my beloved girls

beautiful pic with Lizzie...she's so funny and cute!

with Lau, Natalie, Lizzie, Aiko, Senja and Chihiro

The program during the day was great! Beside a para-para show there was also a raffle (I won a ring *yay*), the voting for Mr. and Mrs. Gyaru Lovers and bring & buy on stage.
It was funny 'cause Lau wanted to sell her Garula top and I was screaming 'cause Garula is/was my favorite brand so I had to buy it.

Lau didn't know that I would like to have it. So it was a funny situation. This is the last I will ever own of the brand Garula 'cause they closed in February *sigh*.
During the entertainment breaks we went outside a lot for smoking, talking and of course, we did some pictures there.

my outfit shot

Lau ~ just awesome, isn't she?

my beloved Senja and I

Lau and cute Lily

The day was really nice. We ate big bad fat pizza and had a few beer. In the evening we started with karaoke.

pic by Philipp

To be honest I'm not that big fan of karaoke but it was funny. I sang some Wolfgang Petry songs and I don't know anymore what else xD
Then we went back to our hotel to fresh up and later on all wanted to meet again at main station for going to club but Senja, Lau and I wanted to eat something and got so tired that we just chilled at our hotel room before we fell asleep.

The next day we checked out at 11 am and spend the time at main station's Mc Donald's.

Senja and I

We had some coffee, talked a lot and met one of Senja's friends there (Mutsu) before we had to take our train back to Berlin.

me and my 'new' Garula top

It was a great weekend. I think last year's meet up was more exciting to me 'cause it was my first one and so many people were there but this time I really enjoyed spending time with my friends Lau and Senja and it was more relaxed.
Also it was nice to meet so many nice gals. Can't await the next meet up!


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  1. Ah, always love to read about gyaru meetings!
    They seem to be so much fun and it's also so interesting to see what kind of coord you wear and of course... love your hairstyle and also of the other girls <3
    Great you could meet Lizzy, too!