Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Last weeks and recent things

Just some gathered things from the last weekends.

Two weeks before I met up with Lau. We hadn't seen for ages and wanted to chat a little bit so we visited our good, old Ring Center, a shopping mall.

After a long time I used my pink strands 'cause I started to think about an outfit for the Golden Bomber live in August.

My coord that day was simple. Black shirt and leo belt from H&M, mini skirt from Tally Weijl and my new fringe boots, off brand.
That would be maybe the basic for the live. The shirt will get a white print, maybe something like 'I wanna f*ck the guitarist', depended on the H&M shirts 'I fancy the lead singer' and 'I prefer the drummer' xD

Of course, we strolled through the shops and made our obligatory pictures at H&M changing room. Aaaand finally I found something:

I bought this funny watermelon bag, also for the live outfit. As you know, I've got a passion for Kyan Yutaka, the guitarist of Golden Bomber, so my accessoires should have to do something with him.

Some time ago he tried to eat a watermelon nearly at every live or TV appearence within 1 second so the watermelon is something special for me *lol*...
Also he likes Gachapin & Mukku and I found at web some cute nail designs I want to have for the live.

This is sooo cute. I have to look for some figures like that *O*

Speaking of Gachapin, at H&M we found at kids department a green huge dinosaur so I called him the German Gachapin, ha ha...

Lau put on an Elmo plush from Sesam Street and so we had our German way of Gachapin & Mukku in green and red...we loughed so hard.
Since my last trip to Japan I'm really addicted to Gachapin stuff.

My gets that day were only that watermelon bag, a present from Lau she bought at her London trip for me and a book.

cute strawberry hair clips from Lau
I bought 'The hobbit' 'cause I love Tolkien and the movie. I owned that book a few years but when I moved it got lost. So at the moment I'm reading it again in the evening when I go to bed.

Inspired by the Gachapin nails I found at web I tried out some design for my foot nails. It was my really first try so it's a little bit messy.

Even it doesn't look like this but it took me hours and I needed 7 different nail polishes. For my first try I was satisfied with the result.

At following weekend Lau and I decided to go to Crepe Station after a long time. The Crepe Station is a small café with lovely and nice stuff, great hot and cold drinks [they also have matcha latte] and the best:
They make crepes in Japanese style, sooo delicious!

iced matcha latte
kiwi strawberry crepe
I really can recommend it when you live in Berlin or are here for a visit.
So we had a nice and relaxed Sunday with chatting and eating crepes.

And last but not least: An Cafe released their new single 'Bee myself bee yourself' at 12th June. The song isn't that special I expected but quite nice and all guys are looking great...okay, except Miku.
I don't like his red hair and his outfit is really kinda gay but... I don't care about him.

If you are from Germany you need a proxy to watch it, I'm sorry... fu**ing GEMA >.<
So...what do you think? Do you like it? I really wish I could see An Cafe live when I'm in Tokyo but at that time they are at Nagasaki and that's too far for me.

But more I'm looking forward to the Golden Bomber live ... only 47 days left....

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