Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

13th day ~ my birthday at Kasai Rinkai Koen

みんなさんこんにちは! Please don't think that I'm too blonde to count...after day 11th day should follow the 12th but that day I just had a small hangover and did nothing special so... let's continue with my birthday.
After a nice breakfast we went to the station to pick up Kaoru-chan who wanted to spend the day with us.
Just in time it started to rain and we went back to hotel to take our umbrellas and I got my first birthday present that day.

I got that lovely Ma*rs dress from Kaoru-chan and also a Ma*rs top. I was totally stunned about such an expensive present but, of course, kind of happy.

I lent my coat Kaoru-chan and then we left hotel. Michi had planned for my birthday a boat trip and I was excited but because of the rain we just took JR Line and went to Kasai Rinkai Koen, where a big aquarium should be. I loooove fishes so that was Michis best idea ever *O*

After arriving the weather was sunny. Bitchy weather God! First we had lunch 'cause I was so hungry. I had Tempura, very delicious.

I dunno what we did there in front of the restaurant...the egg-pose or what? LOL

Then in the late afternoon we entered the aquarium. I was very thankful 'cause Michi organized that for me and also she paid my tickets that day so... it's really cool to have birthday ha ha...
When you read this: Thank you, Michi, for that nice day. I will always keep it in my memories.

I was excited to see hammerhead sharks there. I'm really crazy about sharks, they are just beautiful and so interesting. 

search picture: what do you see? xD
I was surprised, they also had penguins in a big compound outside. They were really lovely and we watched them for a while. Kaoru-chan loves penguins.

I was sooo sad that we came too late to pet the rays. Rays are sooo cute and I hope I will have an opportunity to do it once more.

cute Kaoru-chan
Then we had to leave 'cause the aquarium was closing. Now we wanted to take the ferry back to Tokyo and went through the park but unfortunately we were too late - like always on that day *sigh*

But the park was nice and we found some signs that spring is on the way! There were some colorful tulips, my favourite flowers, so it was the perfect birthday present to me ^^

We left by train and went straight to Shinjuku 'cause Kaoru-chan had made an reservation at an Izakaya but when we arrived we still had time so I took a look at Ma*rs shop there but bought nothing.

Kaoru-chan bought some shoes at another shop.

At Izakaya Yosuke-kun joined us and I was so surprised that he really had a birthday present for me even I had seen him just one time.
He's sooo kind and looked really smart with his suit he wore that day. He just arrived from work.

He knew that I'm addicted to Gachapin so he gave me a cute charm and a small bag. I was loughing so hard 'cause I was so happy.

We ordered some starters like always and, of course, my beloved Yakisoba. Kaoru-chan commanded Yosuke-kun to sit beside me 'cause we both were smoking and that was too much for poor Kaoru-chan.

After some time we left Izakaya and said 'goodbye' to Yosuke-kun 'cause he had to work tomorrow. But at Shinjuku station we picked up Aya-chan and I was glad to see her on my birthday.
I wanted to go to Karaoke with my girls and we ended up in...
Kabukichō! ! !

Kabukichō! ! !
At Tokyo's red light district we found a Karaoke bar and reserved a room for one hour included one alcoholic drink.

Michi and I started - of course! - with 'Memeshikute' of Golden Bomber. After singing we recognized that also the versions of Memeshikute in other languages were available so Kaoru-chan and Aya-chan asked us to sing it in German. tut mir weeeeh xD
It was funny, we sang Oasis, ABBA, Taio Cruz and all had a try for me at 'Attack No. 1', an old anime song.
And finally I got another birthday present from Aya-chan and guess what? Of course, Gachapin stuff ha ha...

It's a cooling pillow and I'm sure that I will take that thing in August with me to Tokyo! In August Japan ist just hot x___X

me with Aya-chan and Kaoru-chan
After leaving we strolled a little bit through Kabukichō and I was staring at some hosts who were standing at some corners.

With last Yamanote train we left Shinjuku and I had a really nice birthday so... thank you Michi, Kaoru-chan, Aya-chan and Yosuke-kun. I love you all.


  1. Es freut mich total, dass dir die Idee mit dem Aquarium so sehr gefallen hat^.^
    Es war natürlich echt schade, dass man uns die Bootsfahrt nicht gegönnt hat, aber vielleicht kannst du das ja dieses Jahr noch nachholen ;D

  2. Toll, dass du so einen schönen Geburtstag hattest. ^^