Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

14th day and departure ~ goodbye Tokyo

Sorry, I just wanted to start my blog entry like Kiryuuin-kun  >.<
So, here's my last post about Tokyo.

Michi, Aya-chan and I started, like always, with a breakfast at Tully's Café. Then we went to Shibuya once again 'cause we wanted to spend our last money there.

 I wore my new Ma*rs top which I got also from Kaoru-chan. She gave it to me 'cause it's too small for her. Really hard to believe.

Our first way was to Tower Records. Michi wanted to have a look for Kenji's book 'Best of Obama Blog 2' and that day she was a lucky girl 'cause she got the really first book.

happy Michi xD
I wasn't that lucky like Michi 'cause my DVD I wanted to buy wasn't in stock there so I hope that Aya-chan will order it for me soon.
Then we went back to the station. Kaoru-chan was waiting for us at Hachiko and we decided first to have lunch 'cause we all were hungry again xD
So we went to a nice Udon and Soba restaurant near Shibuya 1o9.

I had a tasty soba soup with tempura. The waiters were very kind, we got water and also tea for free but I didn't like the tea.

At that time I started to become melancholic like every time after a wonderful journey. I knew that I will miss Japan and especially my beloved girls, Aya-chan and Kaoru-chan.
After lunch we went to Shibuya 1o9. I wanted to have a last look at the shops there and also buy some things for Lau who gave me another wishlist.
Michi left to go a last time to the department stores to buy some kitchen stuff like bento boxes. She's not that crazy about clothes and make up like me.

I just bought that lovely top at d.i.a. and some lashes at SBY. Then I was nearly on the rocks 'cause I lost some money and I dunno where and when. That pissed me off. So I safed my last money for something to eat and the ticket to the airport.

ground floor of 109

my lovely friends
After leaving the 1o9 we had some time left before we wanted to meet Michi again so we decided to visit the Game Center for taking purikura.

I really love my girls and I'm happy that I was able to spend a lot of time with them. They are really different characters and I know that they won't become the best friends but both are sooo kind and I can't await to see them again!

At Hachiko where we met Michi later on it was crowd like hell but I just wanted to sit there a while and enjoy and safe that peaceful moment in my mind. Then I had to say goodbye to Kaoru-chan. It was unbelievable for me that the time was over.

Aya-chan, Michi and I went for dinner to an Izakaya. I wanted to have this athmosphere for a last moment. We ate different kinds of fishes. I'm not that into fish but it was really delicious.
Then we went back to hotel. We had to pack our suitcases and I didn't know how I got my gets into my luggage but...somehow it worked ha ha...
And the last night in Japan we always have an earthquake! So we hadn't slept well and Aya-chan was worried.

The next morning Aya-chan said goodbye at Daimon Station. We started to cry, like always, when we have to say goodbye. Michi and I went to Narita Airport.

I was angry 'cause a security guy took 2 of my 3 lighters but I was too tired to object. I was only one time awaken: At the passport control Michi said: "So, you're going to the styler now!" 'cause the guy behind the counter was very good looking xD

Then it was time to leave Japan behind. The flight was okay, but the meal just bad! I was happy to had some matcha chocolate and other stuff from Family Mart.

But the onigiri snacks were tasty. So I just tried to sleep, asked Michi Japanese vocabulary and then watched a movie.

Thorin Oakenshield
Happy Kiki was happy when she recognized that 'The Hobbit' was shown. So I watched that movie and forgot about my pain to go back to Germany.
I really love 'The Hobbit' and also the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.
After arriving at Frankfurt I seperated from Michi. She had to take her flight to Duesseldorf and I had to go back to Berlin
In Berlin - Tegel Lau picked me up at the airport. I was very thankful that someone was there for me so I gave her the things I've bought for her and I guess, she was happy, too (^o^)

Also I got another birthday present from Lau: She sewed me a small cute bag for cosmetics. 

Cute like hell, isn't it? She's sooo talented! And I really love to get selfmade presents so much! 

Well... now I'm finished with my report about my third journey to Japan. I really miss my friends there, the life, the lights of Tokyo, the food, the smell, just everything!
I'm really looking forward to my next trip to Tokyo. Only 55 days left...


  1. Enjoyed your report so much~ and it's good that you will be there soon again, because it seems, that you really love this place. ^^

  2. Aaarm Kiki :(
    Bald bist du doch wieder da :3
    Freu dich doch darauf :))