Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

Circle Meet up and Forever 21

Two weeks ago we had another circle meet up. I really was looking forward to this day not just because of the meet, more because of our plans:
We wanted to go to Sea Life Center and I wished sooo hard finally to pet some rays after we came to late on my birthday in Kasai Rinkai Koen.
But...the plan didn't come together *sigh*.

My standard make up with usual lashes, so nothing special that day. I wore my Garula onepiece. I love that thing 'cause it's comfy but also stylish.

picture taken from Lau
At 2 p.m. we met at Neo Tokyo. That was a really good idea 'cause I wanted to have a look for a new magazine.
Our group was very small. We are around 17 members but were only 7 and poor Tama had to go to work after saying 'hello' to us. So we just were 6 persons.

Of course I bought the new egg magazine. There was a small d.i.a. bag as gimmick inside. Unfortunately you can't see the logo very well on the bag and also it's small. That sucks!
But I love the issue and the new models, especially Maipuu.

After leaving Neo Tokyo we spent some time at the café beside to talk about our meeting plans and so... no Sea Life Center for me (´Д` )
I was really sad but happy that they also quit the other option to visit the Barbie Dreamhouse. So we decided to go to Forever 21, the new opened store at Ku'damm.

So we took the subway and ended up at Zoologischer Garten. We were looking forward to visit the first shop of Forever 21 in Germany.

pic taken from Lau
The store is located very central. Before the was a big book store inside. And it was really nice. The prices are okay, they have some cute clothes, looot of cool accessories and it's not that crowd like Primark.

I just bought a ribbon ring and an earring but I saw a lot of nice clothes. It's hard to keep money but for me it's more important to safe my money for Japan ^^

After that shopping trip we had a short break for refreshing our make up and decided what to do next. And Lau did some outfit pictures and made this nice cut:

picture taken from Lau
from left to right: Lau, Senja, Tine, Goof and myself. Only Thanan isn't on the pics 'cause she joined us after work.
Also my friend Fluff picked us up at Ku'damm. She's not into Gyaru fashion but...who cares? We had a lot of fun, like always.

Afterwards we went to a cocktail bar called 'Oase' at Friedrichstraße. It was sooo nice, weather was awesome and so we took place outside.

We had some cocktails [Mojito ftw!] and talked about Gyaru and non-Gyaru topics. And I was happy to talk to Goof 'cause she told me a lot of her An Cafe tour she did with Senja and I was so excited! I want to do such a tour, too! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

my big bad fat tuna pizza
Senja and Goof had to leave in the early evening to get their train back but the other girls stayed a little longer and I shared a shisha with Thanan and Tine.

Around midnight we said goodbye. It was a really nice day even we didn't visited the Sea Life Center. But...maybe next time.


  1. I know I'm not gyaru but I'd love to join on of your meet-ups one day. You girls seem to have so much fun and I miss you all! Q___Q

    well and, you know if "our guys" would come to Europe, I'd definitly make such a tour as well *o*

  2. Really nice meet up. <3 Seems you had so much fun and a good time with your girls. ^^

  3. huhu ^^

    Die kleine d.i.a. Tasche hab ich auch und ich könnte dir einen Tipp geben wegen dem Logo. Ich fand es auch so schade, das man es so kaum sah. Da hab ich aus dem Bastelladen nen Porzellanstift gekauft, der soll laut der Verkäuferin auch gut auf lack halten, brauch aber etwas um zu trocknen. Habs in Gold genommen. Und jetzt ist es viel besser und hab dazu drin alle meine Lippenstifte XD
    Also falls du das Logo gern deutlicher machen magst. ^^

    Liebe grüße, Renoyuki ^^

  4. Wow, looks like a great meetup! Never been to one, but I'd love to! *__*

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