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Golden Bomber live in Hiroshima Day 1 ~ or: The best 2 days of my life!


On 27th and 28th of September Michi and I got tickets for ゴールデンボンバー in Hiroshima. After a long journey we arrived one day before at Kansai International Airport in Osaka and went by Shinkansen to Hiroshima. We were so done but to see our favorite band motivated us enough!

The first day we decided to wear typical German suit: a 'Dirndl'. Michi and I are NOT Bavarian but we thought it would be funny. In my opinion we looked very cute and it was comfy to wear.

Michi (right) and I wearing our Dirndl
Our hotel wasn't far away so we were able to walk the way to Green Arena by foot via the big shopping street 'Hondori'.

The location of the Green Arena is really awesome nearby a park. We arrived around one hour before the open and a lot of fans hung around the hall.
We were very excited and took a look around.

Around 50 % of the people were wearing a Tamiya shirt BUT also there were a lot of cosplayed versions of the band.
But the first day we were too shy to ask for pictures so we just were happy to see a lot.

I'm the fifth bandmember xD
At the entrance Michi had to leave her cam outside 'cause it's not allowed to take pictures of the show. But we didn't get it that smartphones were permitted o__O

Our seats that day were on the right side upstairs, next to Kyan Yutaka's usual place.
Before the live started I was happy 'cause the whole album of Nirvana's Unplugged was running *lol*.

Just in time the show started with an intro:
The bandmember found a grey hair at Yutaka's head. He was pissed and took some pills against aging effects but got a bald head. So he became lonely, no fanmail anymore and cutie was depressive.
Thirty years later the grandpas were sitting together and talked about memories. At night Kiryuuin went to toilet and discovered that Yutaka finished to construct a time machine.
So all the guys went back to 2014 (they came out of the drums xD) and the show started.


01. Dance my Generation
02. Let's go KY [ レッツゴーKY] / Boku Quest [ 僕クエスト]
03. Dakishimete Schwarz [ 抱きしめてシュヴァルツ]
04. Toraumakyaba jou [ トラウマキャバ嬢]
05. Time machine ga hoshii yo [タイムマシンが欲しいよ]
06. † THE V-kei ppoi Kyoku † [ ザ・V系っぽい曲]
07. Tabako [ 煙草]
08. Kataomoi de ii [ 片想いでいい]
09. Itsumo to onaji yoru [ いつもと同じ夜]
10. HEN 
11. Lola no Kizudarake [ ローラの傷だらけ]
12. 101 Kaime no Noroi [ 101回目の呪い]
13. Dokugumo Onna (Moe moe hen) [ 毒グモ女(萌え萌え編)]
14. Earphone [ イヤホン] / Konya wa tonight [ 今夜はトゥナイト]
15. Dakara Bye-Bye [ だからバイバイ]

~ Encore 1 ~ 

16. Mata kimi ni bango wo kikenakatta [ また君に番号を聞けなかった ]
17. Memeshikute [ 女々しくて]

~ Encore 2 ~

18. Setsunai hodo [ 切ないほど]

Last song: Giga! [ ギーガー!] / Saite saite kirisaite [ 咲いて咲いて切り裂いて]

On 2nd day they changed some songs, I put them after the slash.

please beware of Yutaka's... pants xD
The guys were on stage with encore around 3 hours! Beside music they also played the obligatory gay drama (of course, with pairing Yutaka x Shou), talked and joked around and some short films were showed.
I was loughing so hard about the bubble soccer game with Yutaka as polish newswoman (?), Junjun as brazilian soccer player Ramos Jun, Shou as korean ice figure skatergirl (SOOO CUTE!!!) and Kenji else (japanese boxer) xD
Also Junjun became a member of QVC shopping channel and showed us the merchandise of that tour *lol*

After the show Michi and I were so overwhelmed by our feelings that we had to calm down a moment before we went to buy some merchandise... and I really spent a lot of money:

all I need is Golden Bomber stuff xD
I bought a hoodie, black and white tour shirt (Yutaka and Shou wear the same on stage), purikura set and tour towel (Yutaka used that blue one on stage, so I had to buy this one).
I got 3 cards for free to take blind but I got 2 Kenji and Jun >.< Michi and I exchanged 'cause she got Yutaka and Shou xD

After a last shot at this great Golden Bomber photo location Michi and I went back via Hondori Street and we still saw a lot of Golden Bomber fans passing by.

As we walked back we passed a game center and decided to stop there for doing purikura with our 'Dirndl' as a memory for that special day.

Even a few hours after the concert we were still excited and talked a lot about it. This was really amazing!
But the best thing after that day was, to know, that we will have another live the next day!


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