Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Golden Bomber live in Hiroshima Day 2 ~ or: The best 2 days of my life!


The 2nd day of the ゴールデンボンバー live in Hiroshima started more stressful 'cause we overslept! But of course we had a nice breakfast at the café nearby / inside our hotel.
While I prepared myself with hairstyling and make up I was thinking about what to wear. I had my Gachapin hoodie which Lau sewed for me in my luggage but it was too hot again to wear longsleeves that day >.< 

So Michi and I decided for the tour shirts we bought yesterday and the towels. I just took my d.i.a. shorts and belt and my outfit was finished!
That day we deciced to do some purikura before the concert so maybe the hair wouldn't be that messy like after headbangig so we made a brief stop at the Hondori Street's game center.
Unfortunately we chose a bad puri machine but I was too nervous to do some more. Therefor we met some Golden Bomber fans in the elevator and they were sooo cute!

Also I was proud of myself 'cause I wore nearly the whole time in Japan my circle lenses. Last time I had problems with them but I don't wanted to wear my glasses but see the guys on stage so I forced myself.

That day we arrived later at the Green Arena but we were more relaxed 'cause we knew how entry works and where our seats were so we had enough time left to look around and I persuaded Michi to ask some cosplayers to take a picture.

Michi with Junko Hime-sama X3
...and us with the whole group of 2013 live drama crew
Mukku and Gachapin xD
awww Shou-chan!
She could be Yutaka's sister! She was soo cute and has perfect smile!
Sooo many great versions of the guys and all people were very kind and just lovely. One guy took a picture of Michi and me. He didn't expected to see Gaijins at Golden Bomber live I guess *lol*
And while taking the pictures I felt like a giant! It's not that I'm tall, I'm just 164 cm but I'm looking so huge beside the J-girls x__X

A few minutes before the show started Michi and I entered the hall. Like yesterday, a Nirvana album was running xD
Even there were not that much people like the day before the atmosphere was more exuberant.
That day Michi and I concentrated more on the member and on the details than on the show itself. We sat at Junjun's side and more close to the stage than on Saturday.
I guess that killed Michi, she's totally in love with Jun at the moment xD
And I? I totally fell in love with Kirisho while he was singing 'Kataomoi de ii'. He did it with such a warm emotion that I asked Michi if he's crying. I really guess he was!
I cried for myself at 'Itsumo to onaji yoru' Shou was performing alone on stage.This is my absolutely favorite song and even Golden Bomber are an air band Yutaka came out for the guitar solo and played that LIVE!
He got applause from us. And, of course, he's still my all time cutie!

So... thanks to Golden Bomber for the best 2 days of my life!

So after the live Michi and I were so done. Some girls gave us Golden Bomber chibi air balloons and golden glitter that fell down at the final. I guess we looked like pitiable creatures, ha ha...
We stayed some time at the hall before we walked back slowly to our hotel.

Michi and I made a promise: When Golden Bomber will go on tour again next year, we will be there, no matter how and no matter where!!!


  1. das sieht nach so viel Spaß aus...ich will auch endlich wieder auf ein Konzert

  2. Shashin o totte mo ii desu ka? (can I take a picture?)
    Mein japanischer Lieblingssatz seit diesem Tag, ha ha...

    Aber es waren wirklich die geilsten Tage ever!!! Auf jeden Fall wieder und mal sehen, wer von den Jungs uns dann am meisten flasht XD

    1. Danke, dass ich diese Tage mit dir erleben durfte, liebe Michi <3
      Ohne dich wär's doch nur halb so episch gewesen!

      Also, wenn du dann nen Shou-Flash bekommst und ich dann irgendwie auf Junjun abgehe, DANN sollten wir uns wirklich Sorgen machen xD

  3. Such a cute and fun post!!! ^____^

    恵美より ♥

  4. very cute post. you must have had a great time! you two look so gorgeous!
    lets follow eachother! if you want to follow me, let me know and I will follow back :)