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Just totally everything...

There were so many things the last weeks that I decided now to put it all in just one entry and then really try to blog about recent things and what's going on in my life.
If that works? We will see!
So now...just everything from outfit pictures, meet-ups, my gets and finally my dream coming true!

I'm not a lucky girl, you know, but when THIS happened I felt very happy. I got a Twitter account and I follow some of japanese people like the guys of Golden Bomber or An Café but they never answered me, of course, 'cause they have so many followers and my baby level Japanese is just weird but one day I just wrote to Yumachi, ex-egg model and one of my biggest inspirations in English and OMFG! she really answered me!

She tried to answer in English. She's so cute! That was really a highlight in my modest life, ha ha...

In the end of June we had our circle GG-Glitter meet-up. We changed a lot, kicked some member, some member left and in the end we decided for a new name: it's UniQue now.

- shirt: Tally Weijl
- shorts: eBay
- boots: eBay

It was stressful 'cause I had to work this Saturday so I just changed clothes and went to the meet. My hair looked like a mess >.<

But my outfit was inspired by Yun-chan, ex-egg model. I recognized that there are a lot of clothes in German shops based on Japanese brands and when I've got some time I will do a post about this.

official meet-up pic
derp face
and finally: the hair-smile xD
We discussed a lot how to present the circle, new activities, changing our website and talked about the new name. Unfortunately some member misunderstood some things and left the circle.

In the end we went drinking like always *lol* but it was a funny evening. While some of the girls went clubbing I was tired from work and went home.

Mojito member: Goof, Senja, Lau, Mao, Hani and me
My friends and I founded a subcircle of UniQue 'cause we meet a lot and we have some projects in our mind we want to transact like different shootings, blog entries etc.
And I guess we had too many cocktails but we named it MOJITO! xD
If you want to follow: Mojito Facebook, Mojito Blogger and Mojito Vine.

Our first project as Mojito Gyarusa is an ongoing report about different styles of Gyaru for our blog and our first style was the sweet Gyaru thing.
So Lau, Hani and I met up one Saturday for a shooting to present some styles and outfits which are typical.

We all presented 3 sweet Gyaru outfits for our blogger report. I was completely in Liz Lisa while the others mixed the coords but sweet isn't my cup of tea so I don't own a lot.
If you are interested in our first post:
Gyaru style presentation part 1 ~ sweet Gyaru

We had a lot of fun this day even we were not complete in our group but some had to work and our Senja is living in Cottbus so it's not that easy but I really love all of the girls!

In June also Michi visited me for a longer weekend. It was the time when the soccer championships took place in Brazil and we watched every match but, of course, we cheered for the Japanese team.

But after the preliminaries was the end for Japan. They played like beginners and I was soooo disappointed 'cause I know that they can do it much more better!

On Saturday Michi, Lau, Mao and Hani went to Cottbus. We wanted to visit Senja and Senja wanted to dye my hair.
Also there was a city festival that weekend. After hair dresser we went shopping, eating and had a lot of fun, like always.

And thanks to Senja I got now some blonde again in my hair. Here you can see how I changed: from blonde to dark brown, light washed-out brown and now brown with blonde strands. Next time I want to have some more blonde, I really miss it!

This is how it looks at the moment without extensions.

shirt: H&M
necklace: Glavil
shorts: Tally Weijl
socks: H&M

and another outfit
shirt: Tally Weijl
necklace: Glavil
shorts: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a.
shoes: random shop in Harajuku

For the semi-final of Germany I tried out some heavier make-up and lashes and another hair styling but without circle lenses. It was just for fun.
By the way, Germany really won the world championships, that's amazing!

For our UniQue Facebook page Lau and I started to do some street snaps like in egg issues you can see and I really liked it.

It was a great idea Lau had and also the other member did some. We would like to try to post one outfit per month. Do you like it?

In July our Mojito Gyarusa did another shooting for the style presentation. This time we wanted to show the Kuro styling. The blog entry isn't online right now 'cause we didn't finished it yet.

Three weeks ago I went shopping with Lau. At this time I was able to spend some money 'cause Michi cancelled our trip to Japan because she has to work. So it was some kind of frustration shopping *lol*

I bought some bandeau tops. But I wanted to have a black one and no shop had such simple tops in black but Lau sewed one for me! She's sooo kind! Thank you, honey <3

I also bought the short dungarees I creeped around for many weeks. It was expensive to me but finally I had to buy them xD
And also a neon yellow hoodie. I just paid 7,- EUR for it even 19,90 EUR was on the tags. I was happy.

Via eBay I shot a Nintendo 3DS and finally Pokémon Y so I was able to give both things back to Mao who lend me her game and her 3DS.
But now I'm on the rocks.

Last weekend I visited my beloved Michi via plane in Duesseldorf. She picked me up from the airport and told me the best news ever...ever...EVER!
Finally she got free and we're going to Japan end of September! Happy Kiki is happy!

Not just because of having vacations, the main reason is Golden Bomber, my absolutely favorite band.
Because the other lives were sold out, Michi's friend Tomomi bought tickets for Hiroshima for TWO DAYS!
So we will see them on 27th and 28th September at Hiroshima Green Hall. I really can't believe it!

Michi and I with our Yutaka and Kenji necklaces
So the weekend was some kind of preperation: we talked about our plans for Japan, practised furis, booked hotels and this week also we booked our flight with Emirates. Hello tomorrow! xD

Of course we went eating in Japanese restaurants, had coffee at Tenten there and I motivated Michi for shopping some new clothes.
Also I helped her with her wall tattoos in the kitchen and living room and in the evening we watched Police Academy, a legendary movie series from our childhood.
This weekend was just great and really successful to both of us and I can't await our trip to Japan!

Yesterday after work I met with my cuties Hani and Mao. Mao unfortunately had to work so we took her after a coffee to the open air stadium where she was working that evening and after that Hani and I went shopping.

I have the idea to dress for the Golden Bomber concert as a REAL German girl...I want to wear a Dirndl for one day...

I guess it will be funny...what do you think? I haven't bought it yet...should I????

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