Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

Nyappy go around Germany ~ Part 3: Munich

Good morning in the morning and nyappy o(≧∀≦)o
Last weeks I was in Japan so I weren't able to blog but before I will start to write about recent things I will continue with my report about the An Cafe live tour.

Two days before the next live in Munich my grandfather died so I wasn't in a good mood and was looking like shit but my friends and also An Cafe gave me a lot of power during that hard time.
Senja and Goof arrived on Friday in Berlin to celebrate Senja's birthday and so I picked them up 'cause on Saturday noon we wanted to go to Munich together.

In the morning we started to dress up for the live. I chose my Ma*rs set and Senja did my hair again. I was so thankful 'cause she's really a hair styling queen <3

After prepairing ourselves my work mate Kati (big thanks to her) took us to Berlin - Tegel airport by car 'cause she wanted to pick up her husband there so we had a nice private taxi ride.
We arrived just in time!

Senja's Nyappy Bunny
blurred selfie in the airplane xD
While in Berlin it was sunny and warm in Munich it was just cloudy and cold. Also Goof's suitcase was broken after the flight so we had a bad start in Bavaria.

Because it was very late and we had no idea how to get fast by train to our B&B Hotel in Hallbergmoos we took a taxi. The driver also had no plan so Goof played the living GPS with her smartphone *lol*...

We had a small but clean room...and no time so we just refreshed and then left the hotel to search the bus station. Because we had VIP tickets that day, too we had to be at the Backstage in Munich around 90 minutes before regular open so we really had to hurry up!

...NOT! xD
But we didn't find the right bus station and it was getting later and later. Finally we asked some strangers to help us out and luckily a really kind woman wanted to take us by car to the train station.
We only had a few minutes left to catch the train so she stopped shortly before and we really run across a field! Never did something like that before, ha ha...

So we were happy that in the end everything went well and we arrived in time at the location. We were sooo relieved after the big trouble and tried to calm down.

Goof changing her flat shoes into heels

beautiful girls are beautiful xD
In front of the Backstage we met beside our number fetishist who was asking 'Am I looking good?' (Goof's answer made us loughing so hard, she said: 'With washed hair would be much better!' *loool*) a young girl who went alone to the live.
If I remember right, her name was Katharina and she was really nice so I felt like a big sister and we took care of her a little bit.

The VIP event this time was really interesting 'cause all member of An Cafe asked us some questions like 'Who do you think would be a good father?' or 'Which member is most pevert?' and something like that.
So it was kind of survey and they wanted to tell the answers next day at Nico Nico TV.
Of course we also had the possibility to ask the members, too and I was brave and asked how the feeling is to play at such a small location while playing in Japan at Budokan.
And Teruki answered in such a cute way that I really was in love at this moment *O*

Then it was time to take pictures with the band. My favourite member? Takuya again! And this time I tried to enjoy that moment to be beside him and also gave him the chance to hand out my signed CD without I was running away directly after the picture ^^

And Senja's cam worked so I was able to get a polaroid pic. Yesss! But I guess I forgot to breathe or whatever, I look horrible on the pic >.<
Therefor Senja's and Goof's personal pictures are much cuter

 After taking the picture we went fast in front of the stage. This time Senja also was with us on Takuya's side 'cause left were standing some fat chicks who were bitching around >.<
But nevertheless we had fun! While waiting for the start the people screamed when some staff guys were checking the instruments so we always said:

'Is it the musician or is it the technician? Who knows! The people are pushing, the first row is dragging out, the second row is moving up...awesome!'

The live of course was great! Like the last times Miku was hungry and had SPECIAL DAY, Yuuki asked if we have fun in German and PRACTISED again ONE MORE TIME the 'nyappy' slogan with us and Kanon fell down the stage!
I love it! xD
But Goof was disappointed 'cause we didn't get a pick from Takuya again! So I promised her we will do it in Berlin next day.

 After the encore the band made another picture with the fans so we had to do an 'I'. They wanted to create the word 'AISHITERU' during their tour.

After the live we met Jennyfer and some friends of her so we asked her to take a pic of us and Katharina. Unfortunately it's blurred >.<

Because we were sooo hungry we decided to have some after-live-dinner outside of the Backstage with burger and beer before going back to our hotel.

While eating we recognized Teruki on the first floor of the club and he also saw us and he waved at us. So cute!
Then we said goodbye to Katharina 'cause our flight back to Berlin was going 7 a.m. in the morning.

Next and last stop: Berlin! o(≧∀≦)o


  1. This city is so exciting... not (Kanon) XD ich musste so lachen eben XD
    Die Insidersprueche kommen auf englisch aber ansonsten wirklich eher nicht so gut rueber ... zum Glück kenne ich sie auch auf deutsch XP
    Schöne Bilder wieder und cool geschrieben <3

  2. I'm very sorry about your grandfather :c
    You took really nice pictures and I liked your outfits very much. >w< Also, An Cafe is super, I also listened to it when I had a really hard time.