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Nyappy go around Germany ~ Part 2: Stuttgart

Good morning in the morning and welcome back to my report about the An Cafe live tour o(≧∀≦)o
Today I would like to continue with the second part: Stuttgart.
That Saturday was a special day 'cause it was the first day we had VIP tickets so I was excited like hell!
That meant that we got up very early in the morning to dress and style up and Senja was so kind and did my hair.
Michi took us to the station and we had to say goodbye to her. Really sad, but I was looking forward to see Kirschu who wanted to accompany us to the concert in Stuttgart ^^
I forgot to take an outfit picture that day >.< But it wasn't that special, just a Ma*rs top and hotpants from Tally Weijl.

me with Senja
We arrived at Stuttgart in time and Kirschu picked us up at main station. We locked in our luggage there and took the local train to Hedelfingen.

 It really was somewhere in the nowhere. All I saw was a junkyard and grassland behind...were we really right there?

Yesss, we were right thanks to Kirschu! Senja's Nyappy Bunny found the Red Car and we had enough time left so we started to take some funny pictures.

Senja and Goof wore twin outfits that day and they looked adorable as always. I also loved Kirschu's coord, especially that cute coat she bought in Japan last year. And she had such a lovely hair style!
It was great to see her again after a long long time.
Because we got hungry we went to Mc Donald's near the LKA Longhorn. Fortunately it was just a few metres away and it was cold outside so we waited there around 1 hour before we went back.

Ready, girls? xD
In front of the location weren't that many people. That made me a little bit sad. So I guess An Cafe will never have 4 lives in Germany at one tour again but let's see!

While waiting for the VIP entrance the manager of An Cafe, Junior-san, took some pictures of the fans, called 'fashion grand prix' to load this up on the Facebook page of An Cafe.
A few people looked nice and colorful but also there were some people with such a bad taste: There were terrible cosplay wigs, some people wore dresses with kind of sport sneakers or just looked like waken up *lol*
Then the doors opened for us VIP member. First we got some presents before all members entered the room.
We were able to ask some questions. But the questions weren't spectacular...just 'What's your favorite anime?' and something like that -.-
After the members asked us in return before it was time to take pictures with the band and Junior-san asked everyone: "Favorite member?"

TAKUYA, of course! First I wanted to have a polaroid picture but Senja's cam just said: NO! so I had to take my own cam for the pic.

After taking the picture I wanted to get in the first row very quick but Takuya was running after me and stopped me 'cause he wanted to give me the signed CD every VIP member got. That was really embarrassing!

A hardcore-fan who participated every live AND every VIP [insert other descriptions here xD] always chose Miku for her pic and we just heard from him 'OTHER MEMBER, OTHER MEMBER' and we were laughing sooo hard!

Our VIP present consisted of: a big poster, VIP pass, mini towel and the signed CD...the towel is really cute but to me it's more a washcloth xD

We managed it to stand in the first row. Senja and Kirschu left in front of Kanon, Goof and I took place right in front of Takuya.
The concert was great!
I remembered some furi, for Miku it was a SPECIAL DAY again, Yuuki wanted to PRACTISE ONE MORE TIME to say 'nyappy' and Goof and I tried to catch Takuya's guitar picks but we weren't lucky. But therefor Senja got one from Non-chan

After the 2nd encore 'BondS' An Cafe said goodbye. Junior-san took this picture. We all had to do an 'A'.
Unfortunately Kirschu isn't on the pic so we said to her: 'I'm sorry, I don't have a picture for you today!' *rofl*... it's a stupid insider taken from Germany's Next Top Model... but poor Kirschu >.< but we all love ya!
After the concert we tried to get some sleep at Kirschu's place without many success...but it was a funny night!
Senja and Goof left early in the morning. After a small breakfast Kirschu took me to the station and I had to say goodbye. Thank you so much, Kirschu! It was great to see you!
So I went back to Berlin alone and I missed everyone so hard! But just one week until the next concerts!

Next stop: Munich! o(≧∀≦)o

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  1. seeehr interessant <3
    und wieder viele süße Bilder ^^
    und natürlich hast du die Haare schön, du hast die Haare schön!
    ...und nicht fettig....auch nicht durch das Licht.... other member other member XD *lol*