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Nyappy go around Germany ~ Part 4: Berlin

Good morning in the morning and nyappy o(≧∀≦)o
So here's the final part about the An Cafe live tour 2014 and the end of our small German tour.
Of course it made me sad but also I was excited 'cause the last concert of our tour was held in Berlin, my hometown, so a lot of our friends joined that day so this made it special.

Our flight from Munich back to Berlin went around 7 a.m. in the morning. A taxi took us to the airport and we were happy to leave Munich. On board I enjoyed a wonderful sunrise while Goof was squeezing my and Senja's hands 'cause she's afraid of flying.
But we had a funny moment: A passenger didn't put his seat upright for landing even the crew told so Goof asked him: 'Spräken Sie German?
Sorry, not understandable for English speakers *lol*

Goof kissing the ground of Berlin - Tegel xD

Goof was kissing the ground after a safe landing *lol*... Via Alexanderplatz and a short coffee there we went to my place and had a short rest before we started to prepare for our last live.

We decided to wear our tour shirts together. The rest of my outfit was completely off brand. The skirt is from Tally Weijl I coloured from white into turquoise by myself, the belt is second hand and my fringe boots are from a chinese eBay seller, so nothing special xD

My hair was done by Senja again... thank you so much

 After some problems with ladders in Senja's and my tights we went back to Alexanderplatz to meet there Lau and Tine for a fast snack and then we went together to LIDO in Kreuzberg.

In front of the club were waiting a lot of colorful people aaand - never dying out - Bou cosplayer. I missed them on the other lives...NOT! xD
But also we met our friends Hani, Mao and Kukki there and it was time to take some pictures together ^^

We had a lot of fun while waiting for the VIP event and tried out some posing 'cause Senja, Goof and I wanted to make funny pictures with An Cafe that time so we decided for some kind of Superman and Dragon Ball posing. But later about this.

my lovely Lau and me

Then it was time to enter the VIP event. Lau and Tine didn't have VIP tickets so they had to stay outside until the regular open.

We got our presents and then the band members appeared. 
So same procedure as always, we asked questions and An Cafe answered like 'What would you do if it would be the last evening in your life?' Takuya, of course, wanted to spend it at the bar with drinking beer... it reminds me of Shou, ha ha...
Funniest moment was while Teruki told that he and Takuya sometimes running through their hotel room without underwear and I said loud 'WOW!!! *O*' ... Miku was loughing out loud and applouded to me xD

Then it was time for pictures with the band. Senja said (in some kind of Miku English) 'We want to make crazy funny pictures today, okay?' and Yuuki reacted with ape posing... just perfect!
For the last time we chose other member: Goof took Yuuki, Senja our 'absolutely favorite' Miku (I had to lough all the time about this) and I chose cute Teruki.

Kame Hame Ha

The first one with ape pose was too dark >.< but second one was my idea to make the 'Kame Hame Ha' pose of Dragon Ball. Kanon was pleased and very enthusiastic while Takuya was reserved. 

Since that moment I really really love Non-chan much more than any other member!

And our last posing was Superman! Kanon just loved it and we left a lasting impression to him... why? I will tell you later ^^

After our pictures we hugged the band (I only gave Teruki a hug), got our CDs and went quickly in the first row. But what the fuck...? There was no barrier between us and the stage o__O

Hani, Mao and Senja took place in front of Kanon and Goof and I wanted to be a last time at Takuya's place. We really just heard his guitar playing, the acoustic was really bad!
Again Miku was hungry but 'let's make special day', we practised a last time with Yuuki a loud 'nyappy' and Takuya's notebook got entangled with his guitar strings *lol*.
Then it was time for Kanon's introduction. But this time he said: 'Ich bin Super-Kanon! Kame Hame Haaaa!!!!'
So I really guess he liked our picture ideas with Superman and Kame Hame Ha posing ^^

The whole live I played security 'cause the idiots behind me wanted to touch the guys all the time and because of no barrier it was just annoying! Also sometimes the members were TOO close to me or, like my nice neighbour-chan said: 'Eeeeh? I had the private parts of Miku in my face!'

Lau's perspective
While the encore Goof recognized that Miku cutted his band shirt in the same way like me...I got a facepalm *lol* ... why Miku? Q___Q

So for the last time the band took a picture with us. Also Hani you can see but Mao who was standing beside Senja wasn't on the focus. So...sorry...we don't have a picture for you today xD (our good, old Germany's Next Top Model insider).

Then the band said goodbye and Takuya threw away his picks in the crowd BUT then I got a magic moment with him: I looked at him, he looked at me and I requested him for his last pick.
He really came close to me and gave it into my hands. I was so shocked that it dumped down through my hand but Goof catched it! YESSSS!

I wanted to give it to Goof anyway so I was really happy for her that she now has a pick of her beloved Takuya ♥ like I promised! So thank you, Taku-chan <3
I just want to have a pick of Kyan Yutaka ... some day! 

After the live Senja and I had a beer and it was sooo refreshing! We said goodbye to the others and took Senja to the station.

Goof stayed one last night at my place before she left, too! I felt empty and lonely the next days and missed everything so bad: my girls, our sayings, the lives, the band...

So... I had a great time and I want to say a big thanks to Senja and Goof. They are just awesome, great, kind, funny, lovely and I was happy to be a part of their tour through Germany with An Cafe.
I love you, girls! ♥ It was the best time ever ... ever ... EVER!
So I hope for a next time... with you and An Cafe... or maybe Golden Bomber

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