Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Nyappy go around ... Germany


This isn't a fashion post or something, this is just a post about my preparation for the next An Cafe Tour!

In the beginning of December I got a message from Senja: February - March An Cafe Tour!
I was totally excited so I replied: Yessss! I will join!
Senja and Goof did the last tour through Europe and for me it sounds like a very cool trip so I said that I would like to join the next tour.

Unfortunately at the moment we are all on the rocks but at least we want to visit the 4 lives in Germany in Essen, Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin.
So the planning started! 

So we started our Facebook group chat called 'Golden Girls meet An Cafe' *lol* to talk about what, where how and why.

First of all I wanted to create some kind of organizer, we called it 'orga-hon'.

There I will notize everything important like the tour schedule, prices of the tickets, train schedule and prices, also what I will wear and so on!
Goof had the same idea 'cause she is our orga-chan xD

On the next weekend I went to Neo Tokyo to order my concert tickets for all of the four German cities.

I was able to order and pay the tickets but they weren't arrived so I had to wait some weeks. But yesterday I got them and I was really nyappy o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o

So now I have tickets for:

☆ 21/02 ~ Essen
☆ 22/02 ~ Stuttgart
☆ 01/03 ~ Munich
☆ 02/03 ~ Berlin

At the moment we are waiting for some information about VIP tickets. I really hope that this year the band will also give us the possibility to meet them. I want to have a picture with them so bad >.<

The next step was to book the tickets for the train 'cause the earlier you book the cheaper you get the tickets. Two of us have a 'Bahn Card' so we got the price 25 % off.
So for now we have:

Berlin - Gladbeck via Essen 
Essen - Stuttgart
Stuttgart - Berlin

Berlin - Munich - Berlin outstanding, but I want to book a flight 'cause I don't have the time to hang around 6 hours in a train x___X

Next will be to look where we will sleep. Only two months left until the tour starts. So we need to book some hotel rooms.

Essen ~ not necessary, we will stay at my best friend's place
Stuttgart ~ have to book! emergency plan would be to stay at Kirschu's place
Munich ~ have to book!
Berlin ~ not necessary 'cause my hometown ^O^

Also I have to think about what to wear for the lives.
I would like to wear one day Ma*rs style and the other day Liz Lisa style but... what about the other days?

And, of course, I need some kind of 'Gammel'-outfits for the time we will go from one city to another.

So my checklist what to do until the tour:

☆ book a flight for Munich
☆ book hotel for Munich and maybe Stuttgart
☆ meeting Senja and Goof for practising some Furi
☆ think about some outfits

I can't await the start and I'm counting the days! I guess we will have a looot of fun and I'm also happy to meet some of my friends at different lives:

in Essen Michi and maybe Sato, in Stuttgart Kirschu and in Berlin Lau and maybe some other...

I will enjoy that days and, of course, will make some kind of tour diary. I'm very sad that I'm not able to go to a Golden Bomber live this year so this will be my compensation.

And one last thing: I will NOT ALLOW somebody to write a stupid number on my hands at a live!

See ya! And stay nyappy! o ( ≧ ∀ ≦ ) o


  1. This sounds awesome *O*
    I met Senja and GooF during their Tour 2012 in Dortmund. I'm sure you will have lot's of fun.
    And I'm glad we can meet in Stuttgart, this going to be so great =D
    Oh, and I also hope there will be VIP's! Please keep me up to date <3 - I'm so looking forward to the concert, because by that time I'll be done with re-take exames and the Project presentation and thats at least something. Besides the 22. February and maybe some other days I'm so going to hate the first half of 2014 >___<

  2. Wow. *_* An Cafe.. I love this band. :3 This is my first band..I have a fondness for this band. I follow your blog now. ^^

    1. I like An Cafe, too even they are not my absolute favorites ^O^
      But such a tour is fun, I guess!
      Thank you for your comment and your link to your blog.
      I will follow you, too (^O^)/