Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

All weekend's shopping meet

Last weekend my friend Laura and me went shopping again....and again...and again....and...eh...well, we love it to rummage in our favourite shops and look what's new.
The weather was awful. It was dark, stormy and rainy but I was stubborn and wore one of my lovely skirts that I bought in Japan ♥ with black overknees.

First we relaxed for drinking Vanilla Chai and made a dash at Lau's new popteen magazine that arrived last week.
So we started with new inspiration at Tally Weijl. Oh I love this store ♥ and I catched a cute hotpant, grey overknees, a cheap cutesy ring and a black pearled bangle.

Then we changed the location and took a look at H&M. There I bought just a grey hat and a beautiful butterfly hairclip. I'm so in love with butterflies ♥
Lau found a skirt with fitting short pullover. So cute!

In another shop called Jumex I had to take fake fur legwarmers with me *____*

after shopping revival party XD

In the evening we met another friend [Kura] at our Cocktail / Sushi bar Zaza to eat, dink and talk.
So we had a salad [me with giant shrimps] and just inspired of Golden Bomber's new song 'Yowasete Mojito' we ordered some Mojitos ^o^
I tried the Strawberry Mojito but it was'n my cup of tea -.-


  Waiting for next weekend *sigh*...